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Posted: 28 Feb 2005
Accessed: 14 Jan 8


1.80 m

73 kg

Baden-Baden, Germany


Hi, Iam a german singel man, looking for true friendship and long term relationship. If you miss a dear, understanding friend and partner in your life, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Posted: 06 Feb 8
Accessed: 08 Feb 8


1.59 m

75 kg

Guangdong, China


Guy of 33yrs old, cool, gentle, social, kind, generous, caring, passionate, i like making friends, travelling, cooking, watching movies, reading, jogging, playing football and outdoor activities, i am someone any one will mingle so easily cuz i like makes peopple laugh and slow to be anger. i am looking for the one i will spend the rest of my life with cuz i believe that i will surely find it in this website, no matter the age and distance, it will not be a barrier to us but all we need is love, faith, patience, hope and trustand we will move mountain. are you the one?


Posted: 09 Jan 7
Accessed: 08 Feb 8


1.83 m

72 kg

Plymouth, UK


I am a final year university student in Plymouth, outgoing and definitely goodlooking as well^v^, my parents are running business in China, I love England and willing to stay in this land, looking for a based lady in the UK and I hope to be your lucky man~


Posted: 02 Jan 2005
Modified: 25 Jul 2005
Accessed: 08 Jun 2006


1.75 m

66 kg

Glasgow, UK


Hi, I'm here to make some friends



Modified: 03 Sep 2003
Accessed: 10 Jul 2005


1.82 cm

73 kg

ontario, Canada


Iím 22, male, Canada. I seek a serious girl to be my wife. She must be traditional, loving, pretty, And Asian. Iíve lived on my own for several years. I have no family. i was adopted and my adoptive mother died 5 years ago. Since then, i have only met girls who weren't serious to me. I look for a girl who's older and mature and smart with a strong mind who will become my wife with me here in Canada. If you are a very good person and you're interested in knowing more or sending me your information, email me.


Posted: 11 Dec 2004
Modified: 16 Dec 2004
Accessed: 28 Apr 9


1.91 m

88 kg

Darmstadt, Germany


I just looking for a nice woman, for "maybe" married. Please send a message by email (please with picture). If you have question about me, please ask. I'll hope to hear something from you. Nice to see you ;-) JOE Short information: In past I wasn't married and have no Kinds.


Modified: 27 Feb 2005
Accessed: 28 Apr 9



120 kg

Shenyang, China Tieling, China


I'm a well educated, attractive, funny, intelligent and serious 31 year old American teaching English in at a university in Shenyang. I also spend a good deal of time in Tieling. For fun, I write poetry, sing, lift weights, swim, play sports, cook gourmet meals, dance, listen to music and watch films. I'm a creative, passionate, romantic and affectionate guy who's also quite laid back.



Posted: 14 Apr 2004
Modified: 27 Feb 2005
Accessed: 07 Nov 2005


1.80 m


london, UK


I am looking for the same as you are ! I am kind, caring and a good person to be with. I have brown eyes and 5'11 tall, and weight 13.5stone, live in london


Posted: 01 Oct 8
Accessed: 22 Nov 8


1.82 m

82 kg

Beijing, China


Hello there! I am new in China and I am really looking forward to making a new friend



Posted: 11 Mar 2004
Accessed: 21 Dec 9


1.77 m

79 kg

western, USA


I want to meet an educated and attractive Asian woman for fun, friendship, companionship and possible long term relationship. I am interested in finding someone with whom I am intellectually and physically compatible, a woman who is somewhat quiet in public, but sensuous with her man in private. I am a very successful, educated gentleman.


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