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Posted: 27 Jun 2005
Modified: 12 May 2006
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65 kg

Karachi, Pakistan


Hello friend i like friendship for all nice femail and best wife my name farooq i am from pakistan city lahore.



Posted: 22 Feb 2004
Modified: 23 Feb 2004


1.82 m

78 kg

Liaoning, China


Hi, I came in on Liberation day (2003) and 've been working as a teacher eversince. Not too many pretty Chinese women speak English here. So without any communication there can't hardly be any relationship. Your English has to be good! And you've got too look pretty and kind of sexy in other words very feminine. You must be a kind of independant and have your own life. Panpan (my Chinese name). I'm a liberal guy and easy going. I love the little Chinese girls they're like pretty little kittens. One day I like to have a couple too. In my free time I like to do some sports to keep in shape (physically and mentally). I enjoy the docu's on CCTV9 and other programs from which I can learn. I love to start the Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, a newspaper and a classic concert or other instrumental orthestra. 'You don't look like a teacher' (whatever they look like??? Kind of dusty may be? ) is what I often hear. I'm an extrovert guy but as a foreigner in Liaoning I dress up low profile. I'm a metropolitan and kind of metrosexual too -if you know what it means- and a bit of a tough/macho. Respect is a very important KEY word as well as COMMUNICATION. Difficult problems should communicated in an early stage even though it can be painfull than, a fight/quarrel later is inevitable and more painfull. If you respect me I FULLY RESPECT you! Guarenteed! I've a lot of love to give because I've a big heart. I'll tease you with my sarcasm en quick witted humour, I hope you're a kind of a smart cookie too. Your social and finacial indenpendance is important too me. I don't want you to hang on to me but have your own life instead. I DON'T WANT a traditional wife who cooks and clean. I'd like a modern, smart independant, flexible easy-going, pretty feminine looking lady. Greetings with a fat flirt, -X- Panpan(my Chinese name)


Posted: 02 Aug 2004
Modified: 12 Feb 7
Accessed: 18 Feb 8


1.85 m

78 kg

Bregenz, Austria


As a very active guy who loves to -travell -do sport (Snowboarding, Thai Boxing and KungFu, Surfing, Skating) -get to know other cultures and nations I am looking for a -independent -funny open minded -and please absolute not prudish girl! So please convince me . . .


Posted: 09 Sep 7
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 11 Oct 7


1.74 m

60 kg

Warsaw, Poland


I going to China soon, so I'd like to meet here somebody for friemdship


Posted: 28 Sep 7
Accessed: 02 Oct 7


1.76 m

70 kg

Jinhua, China


I, fill the fervor and the vigor person to the work and the life, hasthe dedication to work honestly, the disposition frank, the manner isamiable, is an engineer, at present lives in the Zhejiang Provincerighteousness 乌市 self-management international trade. Height176cm, body weight 68kg, health, good hobby. Puts on any design theclothing all to be able to unfold the symmetrical stature, the attireappearance attenion maintenance image, is capable and the vigor. Sometimes wears or does not wear the eyeglasses. Has the widespreadhobby, likes the sports, the traveling, photographic, the drawing, thedecoration, the clothing, literary, the music, the natural landscape, the commercial trade information, the electronic commerce, theengineering research, the hand-planted and so on. I not too have makethe friend experience but me to have many good friends. I am seekingthe person which needs the friendship, the hope establishment officialrelations I persisted exercises the body, simultaneously hoped Ifuture the companion will have my similar healthy standard. I regardas a part to the child which I lives: Family member, friend. I can bea qualified companion


Posted: 27 Sep 7
Modified: 29 Sep 7
Accessed: 23 Oct 7


1.83 m

70 kg

NRW, Germany


The intermodalglobal (ask google what, s that) knight search the ultimate accident (soulmate) forever..but remember none live whithout risk and a little drama that, s ok.. I like movies from Wang Kair-war (Gong Li Tony Leung)example: In the mood for love, Chungking Express ore Wayne Wang Chinese Box I like Railways that,s my job and spec. Jazz Music and others My target i like to married but ,you like to contact me do it in engl. oh your engl. its minimal.. take it easy we have fun and sometimes some mistakes.But remember one importend thing you will not start a relationship with any lie falure will happend I like straight women (slim likes me 30-40 years old) and i look for real romantic love...not for a fake My pictures that,s real and max 6 mon. old


Posted: 21 Apr 2004
Modified: 15 Jun 2006
Accessed: 30 May 8


1.80 m

84 kg

London, UK


Looking for true friend, possibly more. Ni Hao Ma?  


Posted: 24 Jan 8
Accessed: 27 Aug 8


1.88 m

80 kg

Stockholm, Sweden


Hello! I am a man living in Sweden. Looking for a nice girl to meet for a relationship. I am working in Stockholm. Lives alone in a apartment. I am little shy at first but i open up after a while when i meet someone. I am glad for the most, trying to do the best. On my freetime i like to be out in nature, travel, meeting friends and family. Looking for a woman who is interested to meet someone to learn more about each other. First as friends so we can see if we have the right feelings for each other. If we feel a connection i come and meet you of course. The girl i look for shall have easy to laugh, not only follow the man, have her own thoughts also. Like to have children with me in the future. Write to me to know more about me and so i can hear more about you.


Posted: 18 Jul 2005
Accessed: 20 Jul 2005


1.85 m

79 kg

Copenhagen, Denmark


Man looking for love, peace and harmony. I like coffee with milk, my bicycle, my kids, sunshine, strawberries, my own cooking in unpriotized order ! I don't know how you loook,- but I guess you are sweet, kind, balanced and sexy.


Posted: 26 Jan 7
Accessed: 23 Sep 7


1.82 m

104 kg

Jonkoping, Sweden


I want to find a woman to start a life with. I have no children and I have not been married.


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