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Posted: 29 Aug 2005
Modified: 05 Jun 2006
Accessed: 23 Aug 2006


1.76 m

75 kg



Hi, i'm seeking my soul mate. an angel, inside and out with whom i connect spiritually, mentally, and (of course) physically. as we exchange honest emails, we'll discover if we connect. and, if we do--WOW!!!! we can share personal information once we're emailing... okay?   :) peace always


Posted: 09 Jan 2004
Modified: 03 Mar 2006
Accessed: 14 Jul 2006


1.78 m

72 kg

Vancouver, Canada


Happy Hew Year, and I am glad to meet you here:-) A bit about me: years of traveling and exploring has made me open, curious, sensitive, appreciative and adaptable. When I was younger I traveled a lot to learn other cultures and languages: I studied and lived in Europe and Asia before coming to Vancouver (I have a couple of masters' degrees), and I have a very challenging and rewarding career. I am fit and active. I like sports and arts, and I also like to cook. I can tell you more if you are interested. For sure I'd like to learn about you. Please send me a photo as well. Yours, Peter.


Posted: 01 May 2005
Modified: 02 May 2005
Accessed: 17 Aug 7


1.80 m

70 kg

Shenzhen, China


Hi! i come from Australia, although my birth counntry is India. have been living in china for last 3 Years and have great fascination for chinese culture. I am looking for someone special who really cares for true feeling and believes in true love , so if you are the right person I am looking for, pls drop me a line and I will surely reply u back.


Posted: 02 Apr 9


1.76 m

80 kg

Liverpool, UK


Hi ladies :-) nice, friendly guy, single, no children, hoping to meet similar lady in the same area.


Posted: 07 Aug 9
Modified: 18 Aug 9
Accessed: 80 00 1


1.79 m

82 kg

London, UK


Hi there, I like to introduce myself, I am a shy and gentle man who wish to find a nice chinese girl to settle down with, a girl to like me for who I am, a girl that is willing to share the hard times and good times with me. I am currently 36 years old and because of work commitment I have not had much time to meet people outside. If you want a picture of me just ask, hope to hear from you soon.


Posted: 19 Dec 2005
Accessed: 30 Jun 2006


1.72 m

86 kg

California, USA


In my life in the West, I am a university educated executive with many responsibilities. My life is devoted to the education of children. I have full responsibility for the business operations of my city’s school system. I must make careful and wise decisions about the ways to improve the education of the young people. My work brings me into contact with many interesting people and important public officials. I love this work and now have over 16 years experience in my profession. I come from an honorable family with worthy ancestors. My father and brother are air pilots. My cousins are doctors. My grandmother taught me the value of hard work and devotion to family. When the sun was high and the road was long, she showed me the way, never quitting no matter how hard the challenges. She showed me the faith to believe in the beyond and of lasting things. I can never forget her. These are the reasons I believe in faithful marriage and family life. My parents taught me as a young child not to smoke, drink or carryon with other bad habits. I was preparing to finish my journey alone. Then I discovered your profile on the worldwide web. I could see that we have similar interests such as stable, loving family life. You give me hope that true love is possible. My idea mate should speak English well enough to get along. She should wish to relocate to California USA. She should think to bring her children with her if this would create new opportunities for them such as a university education. She should accept my children as her own. She should wish to work to build a loving and stable family life for all our children and family.


Posted: 31 Oct 2004
Modified: 07 Nov 2004
Accessed: 27 Nov 2004


1.80 m

75 kg

London, UK


Hi there. I am an easygoing young lad. Keen to meet up with new friends from anywhere in the world for sharing some good laugh. Love to have a cup of tea. Base in London near Richmond. Love travelling. Bye!!


Posted: 30 Dec 8
Modified: 11 Mar 9
Accessed: 12 May 9


1.77 m

79 kg

Bedford, UK


I am a happy person who likes to travel. I live in England and have one son 20 yrs who is studying at Oxford University and one daughter 19 who is at college. I live by myself in a 4 bedroom house. I like music and the theatre and have attendeed many concerts and shows. I have travelled in Europe and Africa and plan to travel more in America and Asia in the future. I enjoy rugby and plan to visit Hong Kong in March 2009 to see the rugby. I have my own business and work as a consultant I travel a lot on business and am currently working for Etihad Airlines in Abu Dhabi. I like to keep fit and visit the gym 3 times a week I like to walk in the country preferrably with a partner. I also like to cuddle up in front of the television. I drink a lot of tea and drink socially at a local pub where I have some good friends.





1.66 m

62 kg

henan, China


Hi,i am a postgraduate student ,studying at a university in zhengzhou, i want to make good friend!


Posted: 16 Oct 2004
Modified: 53 00 1
Accessed: 52 00 1


1.84 m

81 kg

Maryland, USA


Hello pretty Lady, Let me please introduce myself,my nane is F.Jonathan Francis, Im retired I exercise much, I read books about history, I enjoy walking, Riding in my car but it would nice to have someone to go with me. I like to dine out Im financially secure and a very calm warm and respectful of others and their feelings. I would like to correspond with you until we learn to know each other much better If that would be OK with you, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask me and I'll respond in a reasonable time. I liked your nice expectations and your also very pretty. So until we speak again sincerely Jonathan your very Pretty


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