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Posted: 16 Oct 2006
Accessed: 02 Jan 8


1.93 m

60 kg

London, UK


Am calvin, am native of london. i am businesss man importer and exporter..thanks for taking the time to read my profile. m I am looking for a sweet, traditional chinese girl who has a strong belief in family values to spend the rest of my life with. I am honest, faithful, sincere, romantic, and I have a great sense of humor. I believe that love and family are the most important things in life. I love the outdoors and nature, and romanitc evenings in front of the fireplace. I have a stable job and I hope to meet a sweet, sincere, and honest woman who might want to move to Canada, get married and start a family. It's not important what age you are or if you are very beautiful or not, all I care about is that you are a kind and caring person who is beautiful on the inside. If you are interested, please write me.


Posted: 12 Dec 2004
Modified: 31 Dec 2004
Accessed: 03 Jan 2005


1.68 m

65 kg

Warsaw, Poland


I'am looking for really love I'm honest, intelligent and tender I love dogs and nature I am working at University I am not (and will be not!) rich


Posted: 07 Jun 2005
Accessed: 61 00 1


1.76 m

77 kg

Texas, USA


Very tired of getting my heart broken by the U.S. girls, seeking relationship out of the states. Especially interested in girls from China since I am a Chinese myself. I believe distance should not matter if you are determine to make things workout. Looking for True Romance 1/2 way around the world.


Posted: 20 Sep 7
Modified: 21 Sep 7
Accessed: 61 00 1


1.84 m

89 kg

Kitchener Ontario, Canada


- I'm from newfoundland but I moved here from BC - I have my own place in downtown area of Kitchener -Iím an animal lover, but I have none of my own right now. - I enjoy lots o types of movies like horror, comedy, thriller, all the Pixar's - I play guitar (not great yet but i'm determined) - I enjoy listening to a variety of music but country is one of my favorites -Iím very much family oriented, they are a big part of my life. - Iím a loyal, honest person whoís not a fan of liars and cheaters - I've been called the romantic type - Big outdoorsman, fishing, hunting and camping. -I can be straightforward, been known to say it how it is. I think thatís a good bit about me, if ya wanna know anything else just ask. I'm basically just looking for a girl i can take everywhere with me, to care for and love, and have in my arms every night. that seems impossible these days. but i wont stop till i find her.


Posted: 08 May 2006
Accessed: 61 00 1


1.84 m

86 kg

Cornwall, UK


Hello, my name is Rich and i am from cornwall. I am looking for an intelligent, thoughtful, beautiful Chinese girl that i will love, cherish and adore. she will be someone who is understanding, patient and loving. also the girl i will share the good and romantic times with. now a little bit about me: i am sensitive, caring as well as romantic. my hobbies and activities are judo, kung-fu, weightlifting and various other sports. i also play the piano and i go for nice walks by the sea whenever i can. i also like listening to music and watching movies and am currently at college studying a computer course. i will be going to university to study computer science in september. If anyone out there is interested in being adored by a gentleman and is looking for a long-term relationship I'd love to hear from you... Send a message and I promise to write back


Posted: 08 Mar 8
Accessed: 81 00 1


1.66 m

65 kg

Quebec, Canada


I am looking for someone to walk beside me in this life hand in hand.


Posted: 31 Jan 2005
Modified: 18 Dec 8
Accessed: 24 May 9


1.78 m

85 kg

Ontario, Canada


I live and work in Toronto. I am considerated to be athletic since I involve myself in sports. I am fit and active regularly. I am honest, loyal, careing. I know what I'm looking for, but I can't put it all down into words. I am looking for a nice Chineze woman who is looking for a long time ralatinshep. I am interested in learning about China and Chineze culture. What I am looking for in a woman is inteligence, to be worm and sensible. I believe that two people in a relationshep should support each other and make each other feel special.


Posted: 25 Feb 2005
Modified: 20 Oct 2006
Accessed: 05 Nov 7


1.80 m

96 kg

North Carolina, USA


Hello...I am a simple man looking for a heart of gold...A good woman that really needs a good man...I am really sincre in meeting a partner to walk through the world with me..I am 47 and ready to retire...Just need this princess ..To walk thriugh the world with...hand in hand....


Posted: 06 Sep 7


1.88 m

70 kg

Plymouth, UK


Im currently about to begin my third year at the University of Plymouth. I am an honest, caring guy with a good sense of humour and I am a generally sociable person. Looking for a woman 20-30 who is seeking a long-term relationship. If you have any questions, just ask.


Posted: 05 Jun 8
Accessed: 21 Nov 8


1.87 m

76 kg

Milano, Italy


I live and work in Milano as engineer and I study Chinese I want meet a Chinese woman for dating as starting point.


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