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Posted: 13 Sep 2005
Modified: 24 Jan 7
Accessed: 13 Mar 2005


1.72 m

66 kg

London, UK


Just looking for my Ms Right, Can you find her for me?  Im known as Speed, BbC, considerate, thoughtful...


Posted: 15 Oct 2006
Modified: 18 Jan 8
Accessed: 17 Oct 2006


1.54 m

45 kg

New York, USA


I am an indigene of korea but seeks greener pasture in the state. i really wish i could settle down at the end of the day. i wish am seeking a woman of high instinct who know what it really takes to enter a man's heart.



Posted: 15 Jan 2004
Modified: 13 Jan 8
Accessed: 17 Oct 2006


1.71 m

65 kg

Alberta, Canada


Hello! My name is Paul; I live and work in Canada; I am single, intelligent,romantic, good looking man who knows how to handle his life;I like to read and enjoy a quiet life; I expect to meet someone (a lady) who is intelligent , attractive,feminine, external beauty is not so much important as 'inside'



Posted: 14 Apr 2004


1.93 m

80 kg

Florida, USA


I'm very intellectual. I'm almost to the point where I can move objects with my brain ;0) I'm humorous, at least, I crack myself up. I'm confident, if you ask me, I can do anything. I'm a know-it-all, so says my last girlfriend. But most importantly, I'm romantic and true. I love watching movies. I'm a big "movie buff" and go to the movies all the time. I enjoy sitcoms, like Seinfeld and Friends (I'm big into humor). I like rollerblading, camping and going to the beach as well. More to come...


Posted: 13 Jul 2006


1.77 m

99 kg

South Coast, UK


I'm 36 years old, divorced, and live with my delightfully charming 7-year old daughter. I am not looking for cheap thrills, just sex, or fly-by-night dark encounters, I am looking for friendships or a lifetime-relationship. I am a complicated guy with a lot of experience of the ups and downs in life, but I am fair and honest, and treat those that deserve it with love and respect. I am emotionally stable and generous, confident in myself, I own my own house and earn my own money. I am not looking for a free ride, and I do not expect you to be either!! I am intelligent, romantic, honest, and I love to laugh, kiss, go for weekends away and holidays abroad every year. I have not experienced love (apart from my daughter's) for many years, and I am hoping that one day soon it will find me... perhaps you are the one!


Posted: 12 Mar 2006
Accessed: 22 May 2006


1.76 m

74 kg

Utrecht, Holland


Would love to make very good friends with a nice chinese girl living in Holland. I like chinese because of the culture and because the sweet and emotional experiences I had in the past with some very nice chinese girls.



Posted: 25 Jan 2004
Modified: 08 Feb 2004


1.85 m

90 kg

A Canadian living in Shandong, Qingdao,


Ok, I'm going to be honest. I am a Canadian man who likes to have fun. I like to drink beer and have fun with my friends. But also I will be honest and true to a girl who is my friend and mate. I like punk rock and sports, I am maybe a little immature but have a good education and enjoy good discussions about anything from politics to music. In fact I love music deeply, and hope I can find someone who can discover new music with me. My college education is in journalism, but now I am an English teacher. I live in Qingdao, China. I like to box and sing and play guitar. And I love kids, they are the coolest to teach, so funny and real.


Posted: 03 Dec 2005
Modified: 04 Dec 2005
Accessed: 20 Oct 1


1.84 m

74 kg

Kent, UK


Hi, I am a thirty four year old with my own house living just outside London. I am very active and outdoors and go cycling regually,I work in London. I am looking for a nice lucky,happy Chinese girlfriend are there any out there?? 



Posted: 22 Apr 2004
Modified: 04 Dec 2005


1.73 m

136 kg

Guildford, Surrey, UK


Hi! I'm Jay, I would like to meet a sincere lady for a long term relationship possible marriage I'm looking for a nice lady to be with and to help me learn mandarin. One day I'd like to go to china to work and live hopefully. I'm a classical pianist, so maybe you could come to one of my concerts...I'm gentle, caring and passionate and stable financially. I like to go out to the cinema, outdoors, and the pub. I'm a very good cook. if you'd like to email me feel free.


Posted: 01 Jan 2005
Modified: 15 Apr 2006
Accessed: 23 Aug 8


1.88 m

89 kg

Melbourne, Australia


I am a friendly, positive Aussie guy who is looking to find a happy and honest lady to share a bright and brilliant future. I'd love to talk to any lady who has a positive outlook on life. I am deeply interested in Chinese culture, ways and food! haha hao chi le! Look forward to hearing from you really soon, lets start to know each other! A (life) journey of 10,000 li begins with a single step (email), to paraphrase..... An jia luo hu.


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