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Posted: 25 May 2004
Modified: 27 Sep 9
Accessed: 25 Sep 9


1.83 m

78 kg

Gloucestershire, UK


I am a caring and intelligent yet mature young gentleman. I have very romantic nature and am extremely active with my physical training including walking, scuba, triathlon and martial arts. I seek my miss right who is not only beautiful outside but inside too, with honesty and loyalty being as important as a fun loving and great sense of humour. I believe you get from a relationship what you put in together. Hopefully, my Miss right is here somewhere...


Posted: 14 Dec 2005
Accessed: 15 Dec 2005


1.70 m

66 kg

West midlands, UK


Hie male living in west midlands student looking for a fine girl for everything you can think of



Posted: 03 Nov 2003
Modified: 19 Jun 2006
Accessed: 31 Aug 8


1.73 m

82 kg

Tennessee, USA


Very honest, fun, humorous, loyal, faithful, one woman man. I can make you smile when you think you can't. I am searching for the real thing, true love and marriage to last forever. I believe in true love and happiness. The real man is on the inside. God first above all and my family. Your feelings are more important to me than my own. Let us build our own little world together and find the happiness few ever find.


Posted: 17 May 2006


1.81 m

75 kg

Minsk, Russia


I'm a 24 year old Rissian guy. Meeting girls is easy, but meeting girls I can connect with not so. Maybe I'll have more luck here. Feel free to give me a buzz.


Posted: 17 Sep 2005


1.78 m

95 kg

Alexandria, Egypt


Hi i am male 26 years old , from Egypt , my name is Moustafa Barakat , i am a graphic and fashion designer , i am sensitive , smart , artistic man , and i like what i see ,i am serious in having a relationship with you , i am not that kind of guy who is looking for his pleasure only , no , i am looking for someone to share good time with , and to take care of , i am a very talented man , in many ways , and i am a very respectfull man , i wish you give me a chance only , and you will never regret .



Posted: 01 Jan 2004


1.67 m

67 kg

West Midlands, UK


Hello Im Jeff a 39 year old professional engineer, with a zest for life looking for the lady of my dreams. I have a long fascination with oriental history and culture and owuld love to learn lots more. i like reading, cinema, theatre as well as keeping myself fit and heathy. I have a very positive outlook on life and love to meet new people and try new things.


Posted: 08 May 2006
Accessed: 16 Jul 7


1.73 m

76 kg

Portland, Oregon, USA


Halo from andy, to the land of ancient tradition China like marco polo i am italian and thought i try to look for a soul mate, i have never been married thats all for now Xie xie ni andy



Posted: 01 Jul 2004


1.86 m

67 kg

Dar es salaam, Tanzania


I am open, honest, caring, passionate, romantic, patient and sincere. I like to have fun and enjoy life.Though everyone has faults I think we should all be able to live in a safe, trusting, caring, loving, forgiving, accepting, non-critical, non-judgmental environment, without anger and with the freedom to be ourselves.... I am accepting of all types of people and I believe they have the right to be who they are - and it is not my job to change them.... I am a gentle man, but can and will be a protector if and when needed. I'm considered good, clean fun!, intelligent succesfull and hardworking... I love to cook indoors or out, but I hope I'm not the only one in the relationship who knows how to do so I love country, God, people, food and fun. And I know how to love a woman(you).I'm looking for my special someone God has promised me here, some one to love and see her the happiest lady ever on earth.Have a happy, succesfull and holly fammily full of love happines and Joy.


Modified: 08 Apr 2006
Accessed: 30 Aug 9


1.7 m

85 kg

Northumberland, UK


5th December 05.Forget what you read below , I will give up on my search for a chinese g/f , whatever I can offer does not seem to be what they want . It is not easy to write things about yourself on this page but I will give it a try and be totally honest in what I say. I am a kind, single, loyal, honest , hardworking and easy going , down to earth 34 y.o. male. Maybe not handsome but not bad looking either , I still live with my parents because I like family life and they are also my best friends . Finding the right girl is not as easy as I thought it would be , creating a good life requires the heart and soul from both people to be able to overcome the rough patches in most relationships . I have a small business as an auto valeter ( I clean cars for a living )I have done this for 17 years and I am good at my job My aim in coming here is to get to know a Chinese girl who can speak some English and who wants to learn more ,who is a little ambitious and wants a nice family ( like myself ). In my spare time I read a little , watch tv, go on the internet , enjoy going for a pub meal, a little gardening and holidays abroad ( I am not into sport ). Oh! by the way , If you just need someone to chat with or a shoulder to lean on you can contact me. Take care and god bless


Posted: 06 Mar 2005
Modified: 08 Apr 2006
Accessed: 13 Mar 2005


1.71 m

67 kg

Kwangju, South Korea


Hello Everyone. I am a Korean and live here in Korea now. People say that I am honest, warm-hearted, sincere and smart. I am looking for my soul mate. She is honest, warm-hearted, and family-oriented. Both of my parents passed away long ago. I have no children. So I live alone. Of course, I have brothers and sisters. They got married long ago and have their own family in other areas in Korea. I teach English to some students in my apartment after they come home from school. I am a private tutor. I am satisfied with my job. Even though my English is poor yet, I do my best to teach them English more easily. I will be the first in the field I pursue. I have a clear head. And I am the type of person who always tries hard to achieve his goal. I always try hard to learn new things. Now I live alone. So I am lonely. I want to have a happy family. And I want to have kids who are smart. And I want to raise them finely. I want to love someone with all my heart and soul. And I want to give her all I have. Would you be my soul mate?  I am looking forward to your e-mail.


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