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Posted: 08 Mar 7
Modified: 12 Jul 8
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1.73 m

87 kg

Bangor, UK


I am a well traveled man who has visited China and is studying Chinese medicine at the moment. I am looking for an intelligent moral woman who is prepared to live in any country and China. with me. I am not interested in any games. I am very straight and direct but like the morals of the Chinese people and this is a stepping stone to a good honest life. I am a member of the Baha'i faith and am religious and want a woman who believes in the infinity, and the unknowable... I am not rich but kind and fair. If you are wanting to be financially well off then we can work together. richness is not the most important thing in life but it does help to pay for things...


Posted: 31 Dec 7
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1.69 m

71 kg

Quebec, Canada


I have lived in Canada all my life. I am a lawyer by profession. I am easygoing and affectionate, with a good sense of humor, and am serious, honest and respectful. I am considered to be both a gentle man and a gentleman, with a warm and affectionate heart. I love children, small animals, and sunsets. I enjoy reading, listening to music, going to plays and movies, swimming and walking. I like to travel, and go on a long trip every year. Although not very religious, I have a very strong attachment to the Jewish people of which I am a proud member. I have become very attracted to Chinese culture and am planning to take an introductory course to learn Mandarin. My hope is to settle down with a good and sweet woman, and to love and be loved. I will soon post a photo of myself on this site. I will be pleased to hear not only from those to whom I send an e-mail, but also from anyone else who reads this. To all, my best wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year.


Posted: 11 Apr 7
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Accessed: 21 Feb 8


1.71 m

80 kg

Quebec, Canada


I'm Canadian native searching for a partner Asian origin. Preference from Canada or someone ready for traveling. I'm living alone at home and I'm family oriented. Business owner caring honnest. Je parle francais et j'aimerais beaucoup rencontrer une fille d'origine Asiatique. Envois moi un message Mon contact est inclus dans mon message ajoute moi è tes contact H.


Posted: 26 Nov 2004
Modified: 20 Jul 2006
Accessed: 24 Apr 8


1.75 m

62 kg

Guilford, UK


Hi, i just filcked thru this site by accident,so i tot i just drop a line incase i will regret later....hope to hear from you soon.............. bye


Posted: 26 Jul 2004
Modified: 09 May 2006
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1.95 m

99 kg

Thü, Germany


Hallo and good day, My name is Juergen. I live in Germany. I would like to gladly become acquainted with you. I am 196cm. I am 51 years old. I do not smoke. I do not drink. I exist healthily. My hobbies are sport, travel, music, Natur.... I search for a young woman. She should be beautiful, slim, athletic, reliable and loyal. Therefore, I write you. if you would like to know more over me I would be pleased from you to read. Juergen sends many greetings.


Posted: 29 Apr 7
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1.73 m

80 kg

Esst yorkshire, UK


I’m a 35 year old single man based in East Yorkshire. I’m looking for a caring, intelligent woman aged between 28 and 38 with a view to a serious relationship. I keep fit, have a good sense of humour, and friends say I am kind and considerate. I live and work in the countryside. I generally prefer going out to staying in – pubs, restaurants, cinema or just watching the world go by. I’d really like to hear from you if you think you might be looking for someone like me



Posted: 22 Oct 7
Accessed: 28 Jun 8


1.79 m

78 kg

Surrey, UK


I am divorced, and I live in Surrey with my dog. I have an essentially youthful outlook, and I am willing to give almost anything a go, and I am not scared to look foolish if anything doesnt work the way I intended it to! I have many hobbies and interests, and it is the important few that stand the test of time, that I enjoy the most. I enjoy walking with my dog, seeing new places, and enjoy the countrside in all seasons. I am looking for someone to have fun with, and to spend my life with now. I would like to find someone special to share time with, to travel, and to enjoy many of life's routine but enjoyable things with, but most of all, to have a warm loving relationship - with this all else is possible



Posted: 08 Jan 2006
Modified: 09 Mar 9
Accessed: 28 Jun 8


1.73 m

78 kg

Swindon, UK


I'm born british chinese looking for lovely chinese girl any kind will do me find,to be my girlfriend and partner if you are interest Please send reply back to. Jim


Posted: 23 Apr 2005
Modified: 25 Apr 2006
Accessed: 21 May 8


1.78 m

66 kg

Québec, Canada


Hi! My name is Michel, I’m French Canadian artist, and I’m looking for my Muse! I like simple things, the sea, the starry sky in the night, the rebirth of nature on spring time, the caress of wind on my skin, the song of a bird. All these things bring us to the essentiality : the life, the discovery of what we are trough the way we look this primitive but fascinating world… let life carry us like if each day was the last one. I believe that fortune don’t exist, that nothing arrive for nothing in life, and my dream is to share the life's joys with my soul mate every single day. Beauty, passion and creativity in all there expressions, and of course, authenticity and love… So would you like to participate in a duo to this great scenario?  Hope to find this special one here, Michel


Posted: 17 Apr 2005
Modified: 28 Jun 9
Accessed: 01 Jan 1


1.80 m

82 kg

London, UK


I am a British gentleman, handsome, 5.11" tall, medium build, non-smoker, clean shaven and well groomed. I am a post graduate MSc and self employed as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. I also own and have interests in property and real-estate, I am solvent and financially secure. I live and work in North London. As a person I am loving, kind, compassionate, understanding and have a good sense of humour. I am family orientated, aspire to sound family values. I am particularly seeking a chinese lady with whom I can form a loving relationship and potential mariage. I am flexible about age.


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