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Posted: 21 Apr 2004
Modified: 29 Sep 2006


1.83 m

91 kg

Missouri, USA


Hi, My name is Joshua Goren. I am 33 years old, single and have never been married. I grew up in a little town in the south of Holland. I have two sisters, Wennie (31) and Saskia (28). When both my sisters and me were moved out of the house my parents were able to follow through on a life long dream of my mother and become foster parents. That means that when some kid somewhere for any reason cannot live at home any more they will be placed with people like my parents who will take care of the for as long as needed. That means that these days i have two little brothers as well. Daniel who is 11 years old and Remco who is 7 at the moment. When i have some spare time i love to read or listen to music, i also love to go for long walks through a forest or on a beach or anywhere with nice nature actually :) I hope that you read my profile well so you know I am looking for two women to share my life with. I want two women because of several reasons from which i will explain a couple in here. I would be lieing of course if i would say that sex would not be a reason because that is of course one of the reasons though it is not an important one. More important is that I want both women to be friends with each other so that they can be there to support each other in times of need. To be there for each other when they have some things that they want to talk about but that they do not want to or cannot discuss with me for some reason. I want them to be able to help each other through difficult times at times that i cannot be there because i need to work or be away for a few days for work. I want them to be company for each other so that they will have a friend there to have fun with. So for me it would be perfect if you already would know someone that you would like to take along so i know you already will trust and like her very much. That way things will be a lot more smoothly and all of us would adjust to the new situation a lot quicker. In short i think that they can help each other adjust to the new situation so that they will both be very comfortable very quickly and we can all build to have a happy life together. I hope that you can accept these whishes of mine for the future and i hope that after reading this that you will still be interested in me and in life with me. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me anything you would like to know i will be happy to answer all questions you might have. I hope that i will be hearing from you soon Josh



Modified: 01 Nov 2003


1.78 m

94 kg

seattle, washington, USA


seeking wife...I am alaskan native american indian...planning on sailing around the world in 4 to 5 years (around 2007). I am a hard worker, I enjoy life and family...hope to hear from you soon.


Posted: 02 Oct 2006
Modified: 08 Oct 2006


1.77 m

65 kg

Tibet, China


Ni hao,Hellow everyone, there is a pleasure to meet you. And i am a chinese boy 19 yeare old, and i am into music and reading, love sport. I am interested in other country's culture and custom. I would like exchange mail with foreigners, whatever where you are from. Thank you, and waitting for your mails.I can speak good English.Send me a mail please, i will be very glad to get your mail and i am sure i can be your close friend.Thank you. send me a mail to:zhaozihong ,i used Gmail. I would like to show you more about ture China and North China culture and custom. And giant panda also from my province.^_^Let's open a greak friendship.



Modified: 08 Aug 2003
Accessed: 09 Sep 7


1.82 m

75 kg

docklands ,london, UK


looking for friendship with cute,fun chinese girl 25/40 yo.I am a handsome ,fun ,modest:)anglo-french male living in london aged 36.Enjoy travel a few times a year(particuarly far east/south east asia/europe/usa),good food,cooking,reading,driving,movies,broad range of music.Sayonara!



Modified: 08 Mar 2004


1.73 m

58 kg

Longford, UK


if you looking for a true romatic caring and fun person just write me !!! i promise you won't be dissapointed!! I enjoy socialising!!!......watching movies .....painting/drawing and listening to music!! i take life easy day by day!!.....and believe that good things cone to those who wait I am looking for a fun loving female for freindship and maybe more with a great personality and most of all honest and understanding!!!


Posted: 11 Aug 2004
Modified: 30 Mar 2006
Accessed: 08 Dec 8


1.73 m

72 kg

West, USA


Hi, If you receive this message please do reply I am a Chinese, lived in USA. Have a lot of interest like hiking,fishing, outdoor life and have a warm home here in California. I am looking a lady for marriage. Not the short term...if possible, i'd like to here you soon from the phone.I am a Real Estate professional. hope to hear you soon!


Posted: 24 Dec 2004
Modified: 30 Mar 2006
Accessed: 16 Oct 2006


1.85 m

75 kg

Manchester, UK


Am I really doing this!? .... Well I'll try everything once i guess. I am looking to meet an interesting friendly Chiese girl friendship first then maybe a relationship ?  who knows what will happen. I would describe myself as average looking with a tall athletic body. I am 23, my personality is sincere, Kind, faithful, outgoing and active, Im hoping to come to China in Aprill to look for future job prospects possibly in Shanghai So write to me if you wish and i would appreciate every effort. Take care and good health to u.


Posted: 01 Nov 2004
Accessed: 28 Oct 2006


1.90 m

114 kg

California, USA


I am looking for my life mate. Someone to share the joy, and the sad times with, someone who I can give my heart to, and who will give their heart to me. I want a woman that just by being herself, makes me the most honest, loving, and the best person I can be.



Posted: 28 Sep 2003


1.67 m

65 kg

Calcutta, India


BEAUTIFUL HEART is the most Precious Treasure but very difficult to find one in this selfish world. I ardently Admire and deeply Respect Chinese Women because a Real Chinese Girl is born with the most Tender Sensitive Loving Caring Unselfish Sincere Dutiful & Beautiful Heart !!!!


Posted: 07 Nov 2006
Modified: 21 Feb 9
Accessed: 20 Feb 9


1.77 m

82 kg

Maine, USA


To love and be loved


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