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Posted: 10 Jan 2005
Modified: 11 Jan 2005
Accessed: 24 Apr 8


1.79 m

87 kg

Midlands, UK


Hello james is my name.I am 24 male from uk midlands and love to party and have a good time. I love girls from the east as my first love was one. i like a laugh and to have fun. I am english and work hard but like to take things slowly so am not looking for love at first sight etc maybe see how it goes. Check my picture out, i ain't super good looking but make up for it in personality. Also Educated to degree level and private school. thanks for looking james


Posted: 16 Feb 2005
Modified: 11 Jan 2005
Accessed: 14 Jul 2005


1.73 m

76 kg

Cambridge, UK


Hello. I would like to know you!



Posted: 04 Jun 2004


1.50 m

45 kg

Nottingham, UK


I am 18 from Notts and am looking for a good looking female thats near to my age


Posted: 20 Oct 2004
Modified: 29 Oct 2004
Accessed: 27 Jul 9


1.80 m

70 kg

Hangzhou, China


Hi there, I am interested in Chinese culture and language. I studied business administration in Germany, the U.S.A. and France. Next year, I will begin to work in Switzerland. Right now, I am trying to study Mandarin in Hangzhou. Maybe you can show me some new aspects of China I haven't thought about. I would be happy to hear from you. Take care XX


Posted: 13 May 2006
Modified: 29 Oct 2004
Accessed: 20 Mar 7


1.83 m

85 kg

London, UK


I am interested in meeting some women from China. I will be travelling briefly to Beijing in December so am especially interested in girls from there. wo hui shuo haihao de zhongwen, ni keyi xie zhongwen gei wo. women keyi yong zhongwen huozhe yingwen goutong. Craig


Posted: 09 Jun 2005
Accessed: 16 Oct 2005


1.78 m

82 kg



Hi, I'm a 36 years old hungarian economist, working for an oil company, called MOL Plc. I live in Budfapest alone, in my flat in the XI. district. My wife left me at the end of last year, so we are divorcing now. I have a 3,5 years old son, who is living with my wife. I LIKE TO FIND A WIFE WHO WILL LIVE HERE WITH ME AND WE WILL HAVE CHILDREN TOGETHER. I never wanted to divorce and now I have to find a wife who is honest and loves her family. Now my typical weekend is about my son, I try to be with him as much as possible. I can be divorced at this autumn. Usually I'm very buisy,frequently working overtime. I like nature, I like to be in outdoor, swimming and kayaking. I also like to know more about different cultures and the history of other countries. Best wishes: Gyula



Posted: 05 Mar 2004
Modified: 14 Nov 9
Accessed: 13 Nov 9


1.90 m

95 kg

Henderson, nv, USA


Most of my friends would describe me as a very easy-going, dependable person. I have been married before and also in a few long term relationships, but not in a very serious relationship since 2001. I enjoy movies, music, traveling and sightseeing, sports (watching and doing), biking, dining out and concerts. I consider myself to be open-minded. I do not have any children, but still would like to have at least one. I spend a couple hours each week tutoring and mentoring kids 7-13 years old. If you want to understand more about who you are as an adult, spend some regular time listening to children talk about things that bother them. Your perspective on your life might change as a result. I am patient, non-violent, masculine, but not macho and an excellent listener. Seeking: I would like to find a Chinese woman who is interested in establishing a serious long term relationship. Someone who is fairly active physically. If you are someone who exercises fairly regularly that would be good. Please understand I am not an exercise fanatic, I just feel I would like to be with someone who is committed to living a healthy lifestyle and keeping in good shape. It would be good ff you can be both fun and silly and when appropriate, have a serious side. Someone who has some understanding of the world, with their own opinions, while retaining an open mind to fresh ideas. I would hope that you are secure enough in yourself to love nearly unconditionally. I would not like to be with anyone who finds it necessary to control everything. Please be free of jealousy. Someone who finds it easy to love and receive love. Someone who relishes nurturing for its own sake. Someone who enjoys the company of all children.


Posted: 26 Mar 7
Modified: 27 Mar 7
Accessed: 13 Nov 9


1.76 m

67 kg

Ontario, Canada


David. Student, DJ and Trance Addict. Speak: English, Russian, and some Spanish. Looking to meet nice girls - any race. I am one of the nice guys. Comfortable speaking and performing in front of a large crowds - but shy speaking one on one with the girls until I get to know them.


Posted: 31 Dec 2004
Modified: 28 Mar 2006
Accessed: 31 Jul 7


1.79 m

79 kg



Hello, I am visiting China for busines. Probably i will set up a new life over there, and i am just start to looking for a partner for life, and to have a wonderful baby!! what if we meet for a coffe'...would you agree?  


Posted: 13 Feb 2006
Modified: 28 Mar 2006
Accessed: 17 Feb 2006


1.65 m

59 kg

Shenzhen, China


I am Fun Loving and Sexy Guy, Working and Living In Shenzhen Last Four Years, I Like Drink / Discou and Dancing


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