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Posted: 26 Sep 2003
Accessed: 07 Jan 8


1.79 m

75 kg

Bayern, Germany


Guten Morgen, Muechen! I am a foreign bird don't know German lingering on the greenland with sleepy beauty Cinderella & Newshwanstein Guten Morgen, Muechen! I am an early bird eager to learn indulging in the ivory tower with ghosts of Einstein, Heisenberg & Alzheimer in Kraepelin Guten Morgen, Muechen! I am a brave bird dare to challenge the fate soaring over the Alps with the Rhinegold of Wagner sorrowing Gothe & angry Beethoven Guten Morgan, Muechen! I am a sentimental bird missing the old peach garden loitering in the dreamland with Budda Lao Zhuang & Confucius


Posted: 27 Nov 2004
Modified: 13 Mar 8
Accessed: 21 00 1


1.80 m

72 kg

Friesland, Holland


Looking for a sweet lady,for relation ship,marriage. I am calm and friendly,hardworking. I need love and respect,I will give the same in return. I hope you want to live with me in Holland.


Posted: 22 Oct 2006
Accessed: 61 00 1


1.72 m

87 kg

London, UK


Hi I am a professional man working in many countries of the world, I worked and lived in China for 5 years. I understand and appreciate Chinese culture and life. I love Chinese cooking. I am looking for a lady between 30 and 40 years to be my partner for life. I love music, dancing chess, I have own sailing boat. I love life and family.


Posted: 23 May 2004
Modified: 26 Oct 2006
Accessed: 32 00 1


1.73 m

66 kg

Cambridge UK


Slim attractive well educated British man,Multi lingual gentle,fit, very loving, caring, solvent, lives Cambridge but distance not an object to find- slim mutually attractive Oriental lady for romance and possible marriage. Picture sent by return email. Do contact me all mail will be answered!


Posted: 06 Jun 8
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 08 Jun 8


1.60 m

65 kg

London, UK


Hi, I'm very quite type cool, nonsmoking non alcoholic guy, looking for a sweet, honest girl as my life partner.


Posted: 01 Jan 2005
Accessed: 03 Jun 9


1.79 m

100 kg

Yorkshire, UK


Easy going English gent, I am a 41yr old electrician, divorced with 1 daughter 11yrs. I live in Wakefield West Yorkshire UK. I would like to meet an intelligent lady whom I can marry.


Posted: 15 Sep 2004
Accessed: 01 Sep 7


1.93 m

86 kg

Beijing, China


Iím from Scandinavia and now living and working as a teacher in Beijing enjoying all the great things here. Iím looking for a very beautiful Chinese girl to date and go out with. You must speak English, enjoy dinner conversations and have a great sense of humor:-)



Posted: 08 Nov 2003
Accessed: 24 Jun 7


1.73 m

80 kg

Scotland, UK


I'm a happy down to earth kind of man who enjoys the simple things in life. I like walking in the fresh air and swimming at the sports Center across from my house. Most of all i like quiet cosey moments at home with someone special. I live on an island and have the sea at both ends of my street. my children are all grown now and so i am alone in a large house with no one to share with. I would like to meet a good looking, tender and caring woman of any age to 45 who would like to share my life as an equal partner in everything. Are you that woman?


Posted: 02 Dec 2005
Modified: 14 Dec 2005
Accessed: 25 Apr 9


1.85 m

91 kg

California, USA


Am a guy who is busy doing his own thing in life, who has goals and objectives... who has passion for things. If we're out together, I will always keep you on your toes, and always wondering what's going to happen next. I am challenging, interesting, and funny. I am also sensitive enough to know when you need a hug, or to be held, or when you want me to make love to you. There is no mystery here, a woman is to be treasured and understood. I am a guy who is strong-willed, and who doesn't get upset about petty things... a guy who can deal with the fact that a woman freaks out emotionally sometimes... and who I know how to be cool with when things are tough. But I am also in touch with my feelings so that: 1) I donīt repress his emotions and then eventually kill 10 people in my workplace, and 2) When I become intimate with you, and I want to feel a passionate rush... maybe grab you and make love to you like a beast. I am a guy who doesn't talk all the time, because I know how to let you know what's on my mind without using words. I am the kind of guy that can touch you in a certain way and you feel tingles all over your body. And I am the kind of guy that can say things in a way that you understand... not crudely and man-like. You are an unconventional woman, an overachiever, a woman who knows she is invincible in spirit. A woman who is an attorney or medical doctor, a patriot, but also a student and admirer of the West. You are financially, spiritual, emotionally independent and mature and while you may never have considered a Western scholar who is, among other things, a Legal and medical expert for a companion, you will choose me because you are still young at 38-46 years of age it is time in your life to entertain the thought of aging and having a partner in Marriage. I believe in love. I believe love can be found even in virtual reality and I do not give up. I am a typical American who would benefit from your high developed social skills and grace because of highly developed disgust for injustice and oppression; to wit: I need to learn when it is best to listen than to act and when is the right time to act. I strongly believe that while the ancient boundary markers that divide our world geographically are firmly in place and governments attempt to govern that the world is still my backyard and it is the rare person or government who will not accept my respectful petition to visit and learn how things are done and how the rest of the world is viewed from within their borders. I have studied for 45 years, I have degrees, diplomas and a nomination for a Nobel Prize, but I would trade it all to be a happy husband to a woman as described above who exudes humility, but demostrates ability and valor. I wish for East to truly meet West but I do not wish to forget the romance. Long Ebony Hair and black eyes focused on the idea that she can make a difference........


Posted: 11 Jun 2004
Modified: 23 Oct 7
Accessed: 11 Sep 8


1.88 m

93 kg

Stockholm, Sweden


Kind and serious Swede. Searching for a sweet and sensual Lady between 27 - 43 Y.


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