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Posted: 32 Oct 1


1.80 m

69 kg

Manchester, UK




Posted: 17 Jun 2005


1.69 m

68 kg

Vestre toten, Norway


I am a Norwegian citizen, but originally from Iraq. Having lived a lone for a quit long time, I want to find a nice woman who accept me for who I am. I have a god job and house, but it feels lonely when there is no one to talk to. You can trust that you will find me honest, sincere, will treat you as the sun of my life, have a lot of love to give, kind and seriously about establishing a happy family. Iím looking for a woman between 30-40 years. Thanks for reading my words. I hope to hear from you soon. Who knows, maybe we meant to be together in this life.


Posted: 10 Nov 2004
Modified: 16 Nov 2004


1.70 m

63 kg

Brownsville, Texas, USA


Romanian engineer /energy working for a French co in Mexico and paid by a British co in USA, looking for a Chinese girl to settle down in a tropical country. Hope you are good in computers, love musics and do sports regularly.


Posted: 29 Oct 2006


1.79 m

69 kg

Stockholm, Sweden


I looking for a good, kind, sexy girl for romance and maybee more, we will see! I am engineer and have been working international as Super Visor. I like good food ( chinese food ) romantic evenings, trawelling and the beach.


Posted: 08 Jan 2006
Modified: 14 Apr 2006
Accessed: 22 Jul 7


1.77 m

77 kg



I am a cheerful, funloving & happy soul with a good sence of humour( although a bit quiet & shy until i get to know someone)!I have been described as vivacious though that was a while ago. But nontheless i like that so i thought i'd share it with you. Not hideous(will send pics if you reply)most do say pleasing to the eye... I must confess i like eastenders & corrie, but only as escapism. I love playing my sax, riding my motorbike, horse riding & travelling. I hope one day to live in a hotter climate. Finding out about someone involves asking questions, we all like people taking a genuine interest in us, so please don't be afraid to ask. Seeking-Chinese lady. Ideally someone who is open to the world, different people, cultures & ideas. An inquisitive mind, a positive outlook, an appreciation of music & places coupled with the desire to share things that are special to her. Someone who is comfortable with her feelings, who is passionate about what she does, who posses a quiet self-confidence that comes from knowing herself & that there is far more strength inside her than even she thinks. But also someone who is relaxed & likes holding hands, staying in listening to good music, going out dancing, good wines, a good movie, a nice cup of coffee,.. walking with no destiny, perhaps a walk in the rain and getting wet, then laughing about it :-) Someone who appreciates the unexpected, & sees the bright & funny side of things-especially when they go wrong!! Someone who is looking for a relationship to evolve without pressures and timelines to what ever it may become. Looks are not too important, more desirable is the way in which she walks, talks, carries herself, lets her personality show through. Good manners, an open laughter and nice smile that goes all the way up to the eyes are hard to resist :) What i learned as a child to call charm and as an adult to call chemistry ;:that mysterious & elusive multi-level attraction that makes two people seek each others company over & over again. And... ;the worst that can happen is that we run in opposite directions:-) Like what you read and want to give it a try? ††† ......send me an e-mail...I WOULD LIKE TO LEARN CHINESE/CANTONESE,IF YOU CAN TEACH ME, THEN I WOULD GLADLY PAY YOUR RATE,THANK-YOU



Posted: 18 Jul 2004
Accessed: 12 Nov 9


1.75 m

66 kg

Kunming, Yunnan, China


Young French man living in Kunming, I would be delighted to hear from you.


Posted: 05 May 2004
Modified: 12 Oct 2006
Accessed: 83 00 1


1.83 m

86 kg

California, USA


Single man,49 y/o, mix race, finanically secure,seeking marriage.


Posted: 19 May 2005
Modified: 21 Jun 2005
Accessed: 29 Jun 2005


1.81 m

77 kg



I'm a student studying animation - so I hope you like art and film etc.. My main love is for art, music and travel - meeting people from other countries is great! Other cultures can be so rich (I don't mean the money rich) and vibrant. We can all learn so much from eachother in this world. you know, my favourite country is China - and I have never been there before! I have met quite a few people from Hongkong and the surrounding area and regard them as good friends here in the UK. I love to cook food from japan, china, india, korea etc (and I haven't even made anyone sick yet hehe) Anyway - i'm sure you don't want to read all this so I will stop writing before you get bored.. If you like what you hear and would like to contact me feel free! I will be in China to teach english for 4 months over next summer too..


Posted: 15 Feb 2004
Modified: 04 Apr 2006
Accessed: 03 Feb 7


1.68 m

75 kg

Virginia, USA


I am a single white male looking to find a asian lady for a wife. I am a happy fun person to be with. I hope to find that someone to share life with. I have a good job. I work each day and don't drink or smoke. Please feel free to write to me


Posted: 29 Oct 2004
Modified: 14 Feb 7
Accessed: 03 Feb 7



66 kg

Guangzhou, China


I am a single indian man, graduate, working, living in Brazil , independent, living alone, searching for a single decent , working or busiess lady to be my friend / wife, and share life with me. please write me.i want to invite female friends from china.


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