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Posted: 04 Sep 2005
Modified: 11 Nov 2006
Accessed: 02 Jul 8


1.78 m

83 kg

Redwood, USA


I am searching for an intelligent attractive, adaptable woman. I want a woman in my life.


Posted: 31 00 1
Modified: 50 00 1
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1.83 m

77 kg

Southend on Sea, UK


I am 47 yrs of age with three children two have now left home which leaves me with one who happens to be 12 yrs of age. I work in the haulage business at the present time. I enjoy music sport keep fit art and travel. I would love to meet a chinese woman to love and care for as i am very fond of chinese people because i grew up living alongside two chinese families as a child when living in london.I do not have any bad habits,like to keep fit and well.


Posted: 10 Apr 2005
Modified: 12 Apr 2005
Accessed: 80 00 1


1.71 m

76 kg

Moscow, Russia


Hi ! I very like to travel, and just now (April-May 2005) I gonna to China. If there is anyone from Shanghai, Beijing or other city of China - please write me to xo40 at mail dot ru - we have a chance to meet in hearest future :)


Posted: 01 Jan 2005


1.73 m

69 kg

Northamptonshire, UK


I wonder what the chances of finding a needle in a haystack are? :-) I guess in life the things of greatest value are also the things that are the most rare and difficult to find. True love is certainly rare and difficult to find. I'm a nice, easygoing, honest, sensitive, reflective, strangely humorous, fun loving, compassionate, passionate, sometimes predictable, sometimes unpredictable, gentle, responsible, and well mannered guy. I have a real desire for travel. There is much beauty in the world and I really want to see as much of it as I can. Travel really opens and develops the mind like nothing else I know. My other interests include movies, going out with friends, running, gym, most sports, tv, and surfing the net. The partner I'm looking for? Well, I'm simply looking for an unattached (No kids but want some in future), < 30, single girl who is honest, kind, thoughtful, easygoing, compassionate, smart, and fun loving. Oh, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye would be a bonus too of course but not the most important. After all outer beauty is fleeting, inner beauty is eternal :-) Get in touch with me to find out more :-)


Posted: 24 Jan 2005
Accessed: 10 Jun 7


1.74 m

68 kg

Casablanca, Morocco


Iam a loving caring gentel alone man romantic honest and easygoing i know how to trait womens i have a good interpersonnal iam looking for a kind catting loving womens



Modified: 03 Oct 2003


1.75 m

70 kg

dalian, China


I am from Dalian, liaoning, China,College educated. I am gentle, kind and easy-going. I am serious and passionate about relationships. I desire loving . When I am home alone, I like to read, listen to music, watch good film tapes and cook. When I am with friends, playing ball, dancing, hiking and chating are my favourites. Please feel free drop me a line.


Posted: 22 Jun 2005


1.89 m

95 kg



Searching for a real lady



Posted: 15 Mar 2004


1.71 m

64 kg

canterbury, UK


a cool guy, easy with anything just want have fun


Posted: 20 Nov 2004
Modified: 02 Jun 8
Accessed: 00 Jan 1


1.85 m

85 kg

London, UK


I am a british born chinese, working and living in London. I am a happy person with bags of character, genuinely friendly and enjoy having fun. I am looking for someone who is independent, loyal and fun loving and chatty with a great sense of humour! And looking for a serious relationship. If you are interested and like what you see, please get in touch.


Posted: 18 Dec 2005
Modified: 06 Jun 2006
Accessed: 07 Jun 2006


1.70 m

75 kg

Berlin, Germany


I am happy to see you later and i hope, you can wake me up.


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