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Posted: 26 Sep 2004
Modified: 02 Oct 2004
Accessed: 15 May 9


1.69 m

80 kg

BC, Canada


Hello from Canada, I am Jacques, born and raised in the Province of Québec, now living in British-Columbia, Canada (Vancouver area). I am not beautiful but I am a kind-hearted person, I treat a lady right, honest, healthy, sympathetic, serious and responsible. I like all kind of music and can’t eat without watching TV (LOL). I like all kind of motor-sports. I'm sincerely looking for a woman as my future wife. I am too old to play games and expect you not to play games with me. I am looking for a traditional Chinese woman who is looking for true love, tender, thoughtful, loving and kind-hearted, one-man woman who cares about her man, loves life, cooking (I cook too, so let me do some cooking LOL), optimistic, healthy physically and mentally, sensitive, fun to be with, considerate. She doesn’t have to be pretty (anyway, beauty is inside the person and Chinese lady are all beautiful on the outside) between 38 and 48 years of age.


Posted: 02 Jul 2005
Modified: 07 Jul 2005
Accessed: 24 Nov 9


1.83 m

72 kg



I seek a woman who would value my understanding and emotional sharing with her. My ex girlfriend said I was the world's greatest listener. I live for ballroom dancing which is a love affair with the music, movement and human co-operation. My most important work is my book "The Stature of Truth" which will expose the rape of the 3rd world. I am Irish, edu. USA, published poet, international show jumping and sailing champion and the failed tycoon founder of a hotel chain to which I gave my name. I am a widower and have five great children ... non smoker, almost non drinker and very fit because I am practising 12 hours weekly for dance competition. My poems/aphorisms tell about my interest and awareness of others: 'WISDOM': Wisdom is to be accessed as much by accepting that there is no answer as by getting answers and happiness, as much by not wanting things as by getting things. Of ‘DANCING’: Dancing is when my steps are free, and music’s power of rage and plea, overcomes and has its way with me. Of ‘DETACHMENT’: To be free of just a little slavery I must run as if there were no gold and dance as if I was alone and love my beloved’s happiness when she wants to be a little free of me.



Posted: 02 May 2004
Accessed: 81 00 1


1.75 m

72 kg

Washington, USA


I seek beautiful Chinese women to love in Washington, DC. I am very successful, honest and sincere. I enjoy all types of activities. Wish to find someone to love and marry.


Posted: 19 May 2005
Accessed: 30 Oct 1


1.79 m

84 kg

Xiamen, China


Hi....I am looking for a trustworthy serious relationship. Not to play games, but to enjoy life and enjoy each other.


Posted: 23 Feb 2006
Modified: 03 Apr 2006
Accessed: 03 Feb 7


1.74 m

70 kg

East Sussex, UK


I am kind, lovely and honest person. I am looking for relationship for life.



Posted: 07 Jun 2004


1.72 m

84 kg

West Africa, Nigeria


I'm a young handsome guy, Fair in Complexion, understanding, Truthful, caring, intelligent, Romantic, loving, and well looking and ready to build a home. I love watching Movies, Dancing, Reading, Computers, Travelling, and Sports. Are you the kind of lady who is ready to build a home? Then you have gotten one here. I will be ready to communicate with you. I love you - Ab


Posted: 05 Mar 9
Modified: 06 Mar 9


1.78 m

75 kg

Barlad, Romania


I am single guy with a great passion for Asian women, culture and traditions. I am looking for my other half soul. I am a Cultural Athropologist and a Musician, very romantic and devoted.



Posted: 24 May 2004
Modified: 25 May 2004
Accessed: 04 Aug 2006


1.73 m

61 kg

los angeles, USA


beatnik nyc musician seeks artsy girly-girl. i'm not really 80 yrs old! not egotistical, just confident. sometimes gentle, sometimes rough. Analytical, playful, communicative. a consultant and musical creator. not into watching sports or trying to impress anyone with my car. an atheist. i like going out dancing, art shows, driving into the mountains, staying home cuddling. i tend to have wonderful experiences whenever i get close to someone. i'm not jealous or mean. my ideal female friend is very passionate, loves to laugh, is ambitious, respectful, and has a serious wild streak. She is my soul-mate, or a fun date. She's adventurous. Sincere responses only. Please have a photo to share.


Posted: 04 Jul 2005
Modified: 19 May 7
Accessed: 04 Aug 2006


1.82 m

79 kg

Auvergne, France


Bonjour! Well i'm an easy going person, who likes to relax and read a book in the sun, or go swimming in the river. I'm very openminded, and always in for everything. Love to Travel, seen a lot of Europe, and my dream is to visit China, and get a job as a teacher.. Please feel free to mail, if you want to know anything about France, or anything else :) Take care ..


Posted: 23 May 8
Accessed: 26 May 8


1.75 m

75 kg

Bucharest, Romania


Like sports as mountain climb and I am open mind


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