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Posted: 19 Feb 2005
Modified: 28 Jul 7
Accessed: 27 May 8


1.80 m


London, UK


I am a 52 year old man who is looking for someone to be a friend, companion and lover in life. I know in one way I do not look so pretty, but looks are not everything. It is the person that matters. I am fairly easy going with a good sense of humour and I like so accept people as I find them. All I really ask is that you accept me as I am in life.



Posted: 09 Nov 2004
Modified: 20 00 1
Accessed: 12 00 1


1.75 m

75 kg

NRW, China


Life is too short to let the biggest chance go. The chance to have a family with a loving and beloved wife. That is what I am searching here. I want to be your rock in the stormy sea giving you shelter and warmness. My happiness will be your smile. I am searching for a partner who understands both facets in life - to love and be loved.



Posted: 26 Apr 2004
Modified: 12 Jun 7
Accessed: 10 Jan 1


1.83 m

76 kg

london, UK


Relaxed,happy person from u.k.Have a positive outlook on life. Would like to meet pleasant attractive lady or future wife.



Posted: 16 Jun 7
Modified: 17 Jun 7
Accessed: 50 Oct 1


1.75 m

70 kg

Oslo, Norway


I am a smiling, intelligent, reflecting and friendly man looking for someone out there. I like long breakfasts, nice restaurants or home dinner, sporting, travelling etc. I work very hard and enjoy my work and life.


Posted: 03 Apr 7
Modified: 13 Aug 7
Accessed: 21 Oct 1


1.83 m

91 kg

Oxford, UK


Hi, I am a professional engineer with a big sense of humour; I have worked in china a few times and would love to meet a Chinese lady for long term friendship. My dream is to live and work the rest of my life in China and would look for the right person to have a family with. I can speak very little Chinese but would love to learn from you..



Posted: 08 Apr 2004
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 23 May 9


1.80 m

83 kg

scotland, UK


I'm a normal guy looking for a cool girl.....


Posted: 07 Dec 2005
Modified: 09 Nov 2006
Accessed: 40 Oct 1


1.87 m


Midlands, UK


Hello there my name is jason, i am 30. I am a english man. I am honest, funny, caring and loyal, i dont smoke and i dont drink! i have been single for some time now! i have no children and i have my own house and small business. I am just looking for a good honest chinese girl that whats to be loved forever and worshiped forever like a princess, i guess i am too romantic! and maybe living in a dream. I can speak some mandarin but i want to learn a lot more! my dream is to be married and have a nice family, i dont mind to live in china or here in the uk! 你好那里我的名字是贾森, 我是30。 我诚实滑稽支援和忠诚, 我不抽烟,并且我不喝! 我单身有一段时间了现在! 我没有孩子,并且我有我自己的房子和小企业。 我是正义的正在寻找一个好诚实的中国女孩什么将永远被爱和被崇拜永远象公主, 我猜测我是太浪漫的! 并且可能居住在梦想。 我可以讲一些普通話,但i什么更大量学会! 我的梦想将结婚并且有一个好家庭, 我不介意居住在瓷或这里在英国! thanks xie xie jason


Posted: 15 May 2006
Modified: 16 May 2006
Accessed: 25 Nov 8


1.77 m

80 kl

Norfolk, UK


Hi you will find me very loving and loyal and above all else honest, i think im average looking, quite fit and looking for that special person in my life, who will be totally honest, my friend and lover, able to commit to a relationship for better or worse. in all weathers. love of animals and countryside, want to have new adventures and try different things, love children and love life, feel the need to be with eachother, loose your soul and gain the love and all the emotions you can, smile ,laugh and be happy. to be as one.


Posted: 23 Apr 2005
Modified: 19 Apr 2006
Accessed: 23 Oct 8


1.64 m

67 kg

Birmingham, UK


I would like to meet a nice slim Chinese lady and if compatable maybe share a life together. I have my own home and a small business in the UK. I am only interested in Ladies with no children or no responsibility for any children they have. My 2 children are grown up now and live away, I have 2 lovely grandchildren and I see them and my daughter each week.


Posted: 31 Mar 2005
Modified: 02 Nov 8
Accessed: 01 Aug 9


1.77 m

70 kg

Bristol, UK


I am looking for an honest and sincere Chinese lady. I work as a railway engineer all over the world. I have just returned from a visit to China where I fell in love with the country and its people. Looks are not particularly important to me. I just want to meet someone who wants me for what I am.


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