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Posted: 23 Oct 2005
Modified: 30 May 2006
Accessed: 27 Sep 8


1.90 m

90 kg

Hasselt, Belgium


Hey, Love to meet a nice Chinese woman. Must be educated and communicative, willing to live in Europe or elsewhere. I lived in Shanghai for 7 years, still miss the food, so good cooking skills are welcome. In return you get an open minded person, funny, serious, mystic and much more.


Modified: 01 Sep 8
Accessed: 28 Dec 8


1.82 m

67 kg

Beijing, China


If you take time you can find true love. It is not the picture or the nice words as much as the personal touch that says this is the one for me....they simply like each other and begin to write more and to find love. There is no picture, no correct age, no certain country or occupation that is perfect for you. That is why love is so hard to is a gift from two people who want to share it with each other...and it could be in the next email that comes or maybe not for months. My last honest with yourself and the person you write. If he is not what you need you need to know ....if he is the one for have everything to gain. Would you like to write?    


Posted: 31 Jan 8


1.69 m

64 kg

Heilongjiang, China


Hi there. Let me introduce myself. My name is daniel, a Foreign Teacher currently working in Harbin, North East China. A rather cold city but a very intresting city with many intresting russain buildings and of course the ice festival. My home country is New Zealand which is a country close to Australia. So far I have been living in china for 3 years so I can say i have learn't many things about chinese culture etc. I'm a very easy going person, hard working, with lot's of passion helping many students learn English. You could say i have a good sense of humour always making people laugh. Sometimes i do have a serious side being direct about personal issues as I believe it's important to be honest from your heart and mind. Things that I don't like include people who control other people as I believe people have their own mind, and ideas in regards to the way people live. Also i can say I'm rather open minded person with a good heart.


Posted: 21 Feb 2006
Modified: 06 Feb 9
Accessed: 07 Feb 9


1.95 m

96 kg

Ontario, Canada


My sense of humour has guided me through 12 years of raising great kids and a business alone. I am tall, thin, white hair, allegedly handsome, funny, kind, respectful, honest and motivated. I survive on a small business and I am emotionally secure. My kids are 19 & 21 and soon to be going out on their own. I look forward to getting back to travel and adventure. I am accused of being a romantic. I take the important things in life seriously and try to laugh at the rest of it. I like fine dining, walks along the waterfront, intelligent conversation, boating or driving to anywhere interesting, cottages, the arts, new experiences.


Posted: 06 Sep 2004
Accessed: 19 Nov 8


1.75 m

80 kg

Hawaii, USA


I am educated and living in beautiful Hawaii. I am seeking a good quality chinese woman for a happy marriage and family. Please let me know if you are willing to relocate to the United States. Please send me your pictures.


Posted: 13 Mar 2004
Modified: 07 Feb 2006
Accessed: 25 Sep 7


1.70 m

65 kg

Southend-on-Sea, UK


I'm a 41 year old English guy, blonde hair, blue eyes, good looking. I'm looking for a nice looking Chinese lady between 25 and 41 who lives in England. I like all things Chinese, travelling, sushi, salsa, disco dancing and I aiso paint portraits in oil's. I'm solvent and looking for a serious relationship. So, if you're a nice lady looking for that special person, leave a message for me because I want to meet YOU!!! (updated 6th Feb 2006)


Posted: 20 Apr 2004
Modified: 30 Jan 8
Accessed: 25 Sep 7


1.79 m

86 kg

London, UK


Hello,the lovely woman,thanks,that now you read these lines. To me kind and sincere people and if you feel like so in the are very nice to soul you for certain will understand me why I like to communicate with children and I am interested in psychology why I am involved with animal dogs and horses,the truth,they very kind? Likely,too it is pleasant to you,as well as me, the Beatles,a silly question :),James Last and Smoke…,and still the great pleasure to laugh loudly above any comedy,and before it to be going any good,nice food,meal,I like to prepare! All this activity (working and domestic) from time to time gravitates to silence for example to come to be in a wood or you know how the decline in the sea is beautiful? Or noise waves? Although I a 44-years high slender,Cancer (on a sign on the zodiac),but it not prevents me to be sensitive and gentle :) Brown-eyed and fair-haired :) You write to me about itself?    Very much it is pleasant to me,when in the street it is raining,and I sit on work also I look,how people run and drops on glass knock,I love the work,therefore such minutes I feel myself almost as houses-very easy and protected;in work me it is still very attractive having rummaged because in our cafe it is very good prepare,and we there all meet and we stir chatter about miscellaneous-necessary and unnecessary. In Friday I already wait not wait,expect when I meet friends and we shall go in Our club,and then we shall gather on kitchen at somebody..... I like my life,But in her there is no you. I so do not have not enough You..... A life with love will have some thorns,but a life without love will have no roses!!!!!!!! I want to meet a sincere, kind, serious woman. She should be interested family-oriented. I want to find my soul mate who will also be my best friend, a loving wife and a person that possess a loving heart that needs to be loved. I have a lot of love I want to give and share with someone who can receive that love and then give love in return.I could be very tender to her. The woman must be warm and loving. I prefer someone in good shape and moderately attractive, but not a perfect model, who ENJOYS being treated like a lady. I like it if she has a difference of opinion as long as she can understand mine. She must be willing to work things out. Who doesn’t play games and who dreams about real, wonderful family based on love and respect. Hope my dream of happy family will be true. I still believe in a true Love!!!!!!!! Life is boring without Love!!!!!!!!


Posted: 06 Jun 2005
Modified: 24 Apr 2006
Accessed: 26 Apr 2006


1.90 m

86 kg

St.Louis Missouri, USA


Divorced father of 2 young beautiful daughters looking for his soul mate. I would like to find someone who wants to share love, thoughts desires ambitions business and every part of life together. I am faithful and giving, I care for others and like to live life in a simple manner. I am a gemologist and jeweler and have currently returned to university to finally try and finish my Fine Arts degree. I also am completing plans to open my first retail jewelry store here in St. Louis. Right now I work from home which is nice, the hours are good, but I really want to have a proper store front and shop. I feel this will increase sales many times and make it easier to manage my day as I wont have all the distractions a home business has. I hope to find someone who would love to share this dream with and many more. I own my home and keep very good care of it and my yard. I love to work in my garden, fix up older cars in my garage, I also like to cook, play guitar, take walks, ride bicycles, travel, photography, sit back and watch a movie at home, go out once in a while and have a wonderful evening out on the town with someone I care about. I want a partner, a friend, a lover, and my soul mate to spend the rest of our lives together. Im not a wealthy man, I am not poor, I do make a decent living and I plan on increasing my income level within the next year or two. I am not looking for someone to support me financially, just someone to share every part of life together until the end of time.



Posted: 18 Feb 2004
Accessed: 23 Apr 2005


1.74 m

63 kg

uk, UK


fun loving irish man.seeks crazy chinese dance, soft and gentle,and catholic and a bit buddah,



Posted: 03 Dec 2003
Modified: 21 Dec 2003
Accessed: 15 Oct 2004


1.59 m

59 kg

singapore, Singapore


hi, I am singaporean chinese. Have travelled to china and like to meet chinese girl for romance, personal relationship, marriage. Graduated from university in computers. I work with computers. Have my own business so am very busy and do not have much time to meet women. Like ocean, beaches, travelling, reading and movies.


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