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Posted: 12 Sep 2004
Modified: 06 Dec 2006
Accessed: 19 Aug 7


1.82 m

64 kg

Xian, China


英国猴子在中国想找QQ聊天的朋友。 给我发信息。


Posted: 13 Jun 2006
Accessed: 14 Jun 2006


1.73 m

45 kg

Pecham, UK


We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. I get the best feeling in the world when you say hi or even smile at me because I know, even if its just for a second, that I've crossed your mind...........................


Posted: 31 Dec 9


1.74 m

92 kg

Monor, Hungary


I'm looking for a serious relationship is a nice Chinese lady individually. I'm not rich,


Posted: 16 Mar 2006
Accessed: 09 Apr 2006


1.73 m

69 kg

Chch, New Zealand


I am looking for a sexy, compassionate, soul mate, friend and partner... I can be contacted on brian. cheers Brian


Posted: 25 Aug 2004
Modified: 93 00 1
Accessed: 09 Apr 2006


1.79 m

76 kg

Wisconsin, USA


Hi, I love pretty women that don't realize they are pretty. I have a bizarre sense of humor. I, at times am really soft , so don't squash me :-) I vehemently oppose the idea that there are levels of humans.....WE ARE ALL ON THIS ROCK TOGETHER, we are all just humans living a more, no less! I am an extreme softy, even though people think I am a hard person! I feel I am a bit more intelligent than the average person...monetary wealth and superficial status are not for me! I like candid, organic people who enjoy life....not exploit it!


Posted: 10 Nov 7
Accessed: 31 Aug 8


1.70 m

68 kg

Birmingham, UK


Hello, I am one of China's beautiful, cheerful female college student, I am longing for Western avant-garde fashion of life, if Predestiny the case, I hope I can give me a strong lifelong happiness man who can look forward to you I lead you that in my view is paradise-like life, then you want to know a beautiful Oriental girls? I believe my beautiful temperament will certainly be able to attract your eye, if you feel that you yourself echocardiography, then do not hesitate, at the following links, there is not only my more detailed records and photographs, there are specialized translation tools, he can help us solve our of the language communication problems, my English is not very good, remember that when you write a translation into Chinese for me, language is not obstacles between us is the most important thing is that fate, are you willing to, I very much look forward to


Posted: 08 Nov 2006
Accessed: 22 Nov 2006


1.71 m

64 kg

Nanjing, China




Modified: 01 Feb 7
Accessed: 02 Feb 7


1.75 m

63 kg

Dalian, China


Single, serious minded male from the U.K. now living in Dalian teaching English, seeking to meet that special someone for possible relationship. I am outgoing, funny, loyal, 1 woman man and enjoy learning new things.My chinese isn't fantastic but everday I am learning. I am looking for someone who is open, honest, serious.


Posted: 08 Sep 2003
Modified: 01 Sep 8
Accessed: 18 Nov 8


1.83 m

81 kg

North Carolina, USA


I believe a lasting relationship is built on trust, respect and love. I do now wish to play games online or to flirt with women; I am looking for a serious relationship. I would love to write with the intention of learning about you and becoming a friend first and then to see if we wish to meet.


Posted: 25 Apr 7
Accessed: 26 Apr 7


1.74 m

76 kg

London, UK


Kind, generous, warm-hearted gentleman looking for that special woman to share life with.


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