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Posted: 14 Jan 2004
Accessed: 19 Oct 7


1.78 m

71 kg

South West, USA


I am looking for a lady to have a family with. If she will stay with one man. I would give her the love, honor and respect that she needs. I would give my world to her.


Posted: 11 Feb 9
Modified: 23 Jun 9
Accessed: 19 Oct 7


1.87 m

85 kg

Suffolk, UK


I am young at heart, fairly easy going, I don't smoke or drink or gamble. I have a good education and for many years ran my own business which I have recently sold, so I have time now to injoy my life. I would like to meet a pretty chinese lady with a good heart so that we may injoy life together. The kind of lady I am hoping to meet would live in the UK, be over 5ft 3 tall and have a good education and speak english fairly well. I am not a member at the moment so please so please send me your email address if you would like to get in touch. Thank you for reading my profile, and good luck with your search.



Posted: 30 Oct 2003
Accessed: 21 Dec 7


1.85 m

78 kg

indiana, USA


I am too trusting, nice looking, but not a movie star. I'm tall athlectically built. Have been to asia many times and think that asian women are the most beautiful women on earth. I hope to find a sincere and intellegent women to communicate, travel and enjoy life with.



Posted: 11 Jan 2004


1.72 m

75 kg

Panama`, Panama


I have recently visited China (Beijing) and I will go there again soon. I would like to meet a nice, beautiful Chinese woman to be my friend and, in future, whatever destiny has reserved for us.


Posted: 61 00 1
Accessed: 90 00 1


1.68 m

65 kg

Jiangsu,nanjing, China


Im boii perfect is what i call me im in nanjing, china wish im gonna find my love here



Posted: 24 Apr 2004


1.89 m

88 kg

Isla Margarita, Venezuela


I am looking for a pretty, nice friendly asian woman, I like to know a lady between 20 and 35 years old, I am very interested in china , his culture and his people, never been there but I like to very much I am Dutch(holland) but live on the caribbean island of Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, had one short marriage (2 years) with young local girl and live allready 4 years alone with my son who is 6 years old now, if interested to know me pls contact me, I will wait for you!


Posted: 10 Mar 7
Modified: 14 Sep 7
Accessed: 13 Mar 7


1.70 m

60 kg

Birmingham, UK


I'm a PhD student 0f University of Birmingham.I like many sports including travel, swimming, playing badmington and table tennis, and so on. I also like cooking and tasty food. Hope to make friends with you to make our life in UK more enjoyable. Please feel free to contact me



Posted: 31 May 2004
Accessed: 70 00 1


1.80 m

73 kg

Jutland, Denmark


I am a nice, calm, tender and loving danish man. I have a good sense of humor, love children (I have two daughters). I am a little romantic, like dinner/evenings with candlelight, special with a lovely woman, who likes to be spoil with sweet words and kisses. I like cooking, traveling, movies. I would like to meet a kind, attractive, careful and loyal woman, who can be a good friend, wife, lover and mother, with a warm heart and beautiful smiling eyes. I will hope to here from a serious person.


Posted: 13 Sep 2005
Modified: 14 Sep 2005
Accessed: 20 Oct 8


1.81 m

72 kg



Hi: Im chnese men I was the birth university graduation of China to go abroad, is to make the art,10-year front in Hong Kong that go first immigrated to go to the United States again, the parents are all at North America, is a family of happiness, only have is my person, I hope to enjoy my girl's son a little bit and young, because I return without child, don't know that that woman that likes me would like to living a child for me, the 哈哈 !Hand over a friend first.I like charming girl's son of shape, the height 168 cms is or so.I have the company in big six Shenzhens, I am usually there on live is a few months, still want to usually go to Peking, very hard.I believe firmly and can certainly find out the true love. hi:我是中国出生大学毕业就出国了,是搞艺术的,先去的香港十年前又移民去了美国,父母都在北美洲,是个幸福的家庭,只有是我一个人,我希望欣赏我的女孩子年轻一点,因为我还没有孩子,不知道那个喜欢我的女子愿意给我生一个孩子,哈哈!先交个朋友吧。我喜欢身材迷人的女孩子,身高168cm左右。我在大陆深圳有公司,我经常在那里一住就是几个月,还要经常去北京,很辛苦。我坚信一定能够找到真爱。很想有个家!


Posted: 14 Oct 2004
Modified: 14 Sep 2005
Accessed: 20 Oct 8


1.74 m

67 kg

NRW, Germany


Hi all, i am a chinese student, and now studing in germany.


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