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Posted: 30 Jun 2004
Modified: 27 Sep 7
Accessed: 24 Oct 9


1.71 m

70 kg



Hello, I'm Jeremy from Cambridge, I'm British, have lived here all my life and I have a tanned complexion as my natural father is Brazilian. People tell me that this makes my nature somewhat different to the "normal" British nature, I'm very kind, gentle, considerate and talkative and I also have a far greater interested and respect for people of other origins. I love to travel and have actually been to China, I loved it there and saw some wonderful sites and tries most of the authentic food there - I love different cultures and if I go somewhere I prefer to do things just like the local people do it. I also enjoy health and fitness and often swim and go to the gym, I enjoy walking, cycling, outdoors, eating out and a social drink in a quiet pub. I am educated to degree standard and i have my own house here in Cambridge that I bought about 10 years ago. I've never been married, I do not have any children but i am still hopeful of that (although not essential). I'm looking and hoping to meet a very nice, down to earth Chinese or Asian lady for a serious relationship or at the very least a good, close friendship. I like someone to be independent, funny, polite, feminine, talkative, serious and genuine, but above all someone who does not want to play games in dating, someone who like me, really does want to meet a good partner. If you enjoy traveling, well that's even better as this is my main passion in life. Also, it would be preferable if you live within 40 miles of Cambridge, or London is fine also. Thank you Please write back to me and tell me some things about yourself, I will be happy to communicate with someone fitting my description who is aged between 18 and 40 years old. Thank you very much for reading my details and I hope to hear from you soon. Bye Jeremy


Posted: 24 Jun 2005
Accessed: 05 Jul 2005


1.75 m

75 kg

Dalian, China


Hello, my name is Freddy, I come from France but now I work in Dalian So I search for a chinese girl who simply love the life and who are not complicated, lol Why chinese girl? Because my dream was to come in one day in China and when I when I have put one foot one this marvellous country I fall in love of this country with so nice people I search for real love and I have been deceive by french girls and I think that chinese girls are serious and able to make a man like me happy in his life So as far as I am concerned I love sports, I practice weightlifting in national level and powerlifting in international level And secondly I love electronic music, I love the rythm : boom boom boom I am very open minded, I love joking so finally I love simply the life and I search for a girl like me who love the life. So if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me Byebye and maybe see you soon


Posted: 25 Dec 7
Modified: 30 May 8
Accessed: 05 Jul 2005


1.85 m

84 kg

Aksakovo, Bulgaria


I'm looking for a nice, inteligent and beautiful woman for long term relationsip and eventualy - mariage. I like claim and quite places, nature etc. (hope you catch the point). So if you are interested - let me know.


Posted: 25 Mar 2006
Accessed: 01 Apr 2006


1.76 m

77 kg

PACA, France


Hello, i'm a little shy and quiet guy, i hope to meet some interesting people here :)



Posted: 13 May 2004
Modified: 25 Nov 8
Accessed: 22 Nov 8


1.77 m

68 kg

Shanghai, China


I am a nice sportive man. I like intresting people. I like to travelling to dance to have a nice time.


Posted: 03 Jun 8
Accessed: 11 Jun 8


1.67 m

46 kg

Rotherham, UK


Hi there i'm 27 yrs old, slim with a good sense of humor and i am a very laid back kinda guy. i'm looking for someone who will not mess me around who's trustworthy and honest. i've always wanted to meet a chinese woman


Posted: 07 Mar 2006
Modified: 12 Jan 8
Accessed: 11 Jun 8


1.78 m

77 kg

California, USA


I am an honest person, attractive, creative, romantic, and fun. I enjoy Love dancing and going out, going to movies, dinner, the outdoors and just having fun. I am interested in starting new friendships which could lead to a possible relationship. I am looking for someone with similar interests to keep me laughing and who is fun easygoing, honest romantic, and affectionate. I seek a single asian woman 18 to 60 who is searching for something similar.


Modified: 23 Apr 2005
Accessed: 04 Sep 2005


1.73 m

80 kg

Birmingham, UK


i am honest,kind, seriuos about chinese women for long term relationship leading towards marridge


Posted: 27 Jun 7
Accessed: 30 Aug 7


1.73 m

72 kg

Beijing, China


I'm a boy from Switzerland, who likes to find a Chinese Girlfriend. Should be about my age and living in Beijing...


Posted: 19 Dec 9


1.84 m

65 kg

Budapest, Hungary


Hi girls! I am David Nagy (21) from Hungary. I am cartoon designer and magictian, I already been in China for a long time. So I know some about the menthality of the Chinese people and I like them very much. I am a handsome, kind, romantic boy who looking for his lover for an all life. I would like to find a Chinese girl because I think they are more kind and lovely than the euorpens. So if you like me, please contact me across this website or easy to find me on facebook!


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