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Posted: 24 Aug 8


1.78 m

80 kg

London, UK


Hi, I am looking for a girl who enjoys life and doesnt take herself too seriously like myself. Would be good to hear from you out there :)


Posted: 19 Sep 2005
Modified: 30 Jul 2006
Accessed: 62 00 1


1.85 m

75 kg

PARIS, France


Hello , i m a single guy who live in FRANCE ( Paris ).... i m looking for a chinese women to build a strong family


Posted: 25 Jul 2005
Accessed: 28 Jul 2005


1.72 m

46 kg

Nottingham, UK


Looking for relationship some one too share life with


Posted: 22 Sep 2004
Modified: 07 Jan 7
Accessed: 11 Jan 1


1.79 m

86 kg

Mt, Canada


Hi !,I am an uncomplicated, thoughtfull and outgoing person,I am gentle,hard working and I have a good temper,I don't drink, don't smoke and don't gamble, also have a good career in the aerospace industry. I am French speeking but speak very well English, I like to do many different things and I will try almost anything once, I have interest and respect for other cultures and what is going on in the world,I am also studying Mandarin for the past 5 years,I have allot of interest for the chinese culture(history,language,food).我去过中国五次,中国漂亮,我喜欢中国文化, looking for a chinese woman to start a serious relationship,"Let's discover each other!"


Posted: 30 May 2004
Modified: 07 Jun 8
Accessed: 17 Nov 8


1.70 m

75 kg

London, UK


Hi there my names Kris and i'm from West London. I'm looking for a kind, caring and honest woman.


Posted: 02 Oct 2005
Modified: 07 Jun 8
Accessed: 03 Oct 2005


1.63 m

60 kg

Stokholm, Sweden


Long story short... this is me :)


Posted: 12 Jul 7
Accessed: 13 Jul 7


1.83 m

68 kg

London, UK


Hi i'd like to meet an intelligent woman at who has a good standard of english. I am studying law at London University for another two years.


Posted: 28 Nov 2005
Accessed: 29 Nov 2005


1.73 m

81 kg

Kentucky, USA


I actuallY just ran across this site, and figured I would check it out. I live outside the city of Louisville,Kentucky, in the United States. If you are materialistic, and are looking for someone to support you financially, then move on to the next profile. I am just your average US citizen, with way above average morals and viewpoints. But because of this, I am not wealthy, I would rather be happy and content with life, than be constantly stressed, trying to obtain material possesions. If you are a down to earth person, who is seeking someone who could possibly love you forever, then I might be the one. The happiest times in my life, were the times that I loved someone with all my heart, and was loved the same way in return. I believe this is what life is truly about. Not what you have, but who is by your side living life with you. I have always been attracted to Chinese women since I was a young boy. And after communicating with a couple of women in the past, this attraction has increased. I am searching for the right woman of Chinese decent, to get to know, and if all goes well, come to China, and return to the states with you by my side, to share my humble life. :o)


Posted: 02 Nov 2005
Accessed: 09 Nov 2005


1.88 m

88 kg

Northumbria, UK


I wish to find an ecotic queen to spend my life with. if this is you then contact me.


Posted: 31 May 2005
Accessed: 13 Dec 2006


1.75 m

74 kg



"Life is to Live" is my motto. I strongly believe in "You cannot save all the money and live happily". I love to explore new things and love travelling if I get a chance. I like oriental girl for many reasons. a. Kind b. not Money minded c. Hygenic d. Smart e. Ready to learn f. Romantic etc.


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