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Posted: 04 Jun 2004
Modified: 24 Jul 2006
Accessed: 23 May 9


1.82 m

76 kg

Aalborg, Denmark


Spiritual young man seek women for marriage...!!!


Posted: 10 May 9
Modified: 04 Jul 9
Accessed: 26 Sep 9


1.77 m

75 kg

California, USA


I am open to many interest and cultures. The key to enjoyment is having great company and partnership. I look for someone who is happy being them self and knows who they are. We've had partners in the past and I do not expect you to be perfect, just don't afraid to love again.



Posted: 15 Jun 2004
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 92 00 1


1.75 m

82 kg

Midlands, UK


Hi everyone, I am a chinese male who have been in uk for a long time...I decribe myself as well educated, gentle and caring person with good sense of humour. I am looking for long term relationship with the right chinese girl. I am interested in movies, computer, cars, snooker, squash, gym, travelling, skiing and good food. Please leave me a message if you want to be my friend. I am self employed and living on my own. Really could do with a break going to somewhere nice and sunny. hahaha



Posted: 14 Mar 7
Modified: 15 Mar 7
Accessed: 05 Jun 7


1.78 m

76 kg

Newcastle, UK


Will do later as i dont know how often I visy this webpage(maybe)



Posted: 05 Jun 2006
Modified: 13 Aug 2006
Accessed: 16 May 9


1.65 m

61 kg

Oslo, Norway


Hi, caucasian seeking a asian woman. I like the culture, and would like to learn more. I believe a relationship should be build on mutual love and care, respect, honesty, and equality. If you are a woman believing the same, then we can start to get to know each other. Takes time, but worth it when you meet the right person.



Posted: 19 Dec 8
Modified: 26 Dec 8
Accessed: 09 Oct 9


1.68 m

63 kg

London, UK


Kind loving person, will help anyone, hardworking businessman black British, looks like Barack Obama, always looking for business niche initatives, very keen on Sports and Politics, wants to forge much more closer business links with China, worldwide traveller, loves Asian and Orientals, currently in the middle of divorcing my Asian / Oriental wife. We have 3 adoring little princes. I do want to remarry as soon as my "quickie"divorce is over, ASAP. I am no time waster. I divide myself between London, the Caribbean and the Far East. I am a keen and astute businessman, my background short in medicine, then banking, computing and now my own business. My new found initiative in my Sports Wear business is aimed at galvanising youth sports, and that should be the catalyst for success with parents participating. I see my Sports Wear business coming from Asia. I hope the new lady in my life will be a keen and key player businesswise as I always believe, " the sky is the limit, together we can move mountains ". and you will be "SAFE WITH ME "


Posted: 01 Aug 2006
Modified: 15 Nov 8
Accessed: 26 Jan 9




London, UK


I found the woman I want to share the rest of my life with via this Website. We are both very happy and we met via this site. We would like to express our most sincere thanks to everyone at Dating China and to wish you every success for the future!



Posted: 30 Aug 8
Accessed: 23 Nov 9


1.67 m

87 kg

London , UK


Hi, I am 44 year old man living and working London. I am well educated and I am a professional specialist in management and team leadership within the shipping and logistic industries and whilst my career involves travelling I am currently based in the UK. I have strong family values and I am believer in friendship and respect with loyalty and honesty. I am sincere to establish a long term relationship with a Chinese lady and build a happy, fun and exciting life together.


Posted: 29 May 2005
Modified: 01 May 7
Accessed: 06 Sep 8


1.75 m

73 kg



A sincere man looking for real love and best friend with... to share the best and the worst, the good and the bad, to serve as refuge for the past, to forget and to start new live together. Live is so sad when lived alone far from warm. I'm honest, serious, hard working, active, respectful, understandable, communiative and sweet.... also a little Intelligent, I guess. To resume I know what I need from my love and I will give same in return. I like to give more than I receive. I like cook in family ( never I had it ) travel, listen music, make plans for future together.... I dream to support my future wife in all what she needs for her to achieve those things that applieed to our relation will make all of us happy.



Posted: 10 Dec 2006
Accessed: 03 Dec 7


1.63 m

68 kg

Livepool, UK


Good health. have agood job. love to have awarm and happy family life...


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