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Posted: 31 Aug 2004
Modified: 05 Sep 2004
Accessed: 25 Jan 8


1.81 m

66 kg

West Virginia, USA


I am a dirty blonde who likes cuddling and romance. I am the kind of guy who likes to spend time withthe woman he loves. I am not a violent or caommanding man but I do feel that there are certain things that are unexcusable in a relationship, for example the most important, cheating. I don't want to have to worry about whetner my mate is faithful. I feel that love can conquer all things but for me is someone has cheated on me then they never loved me. the same goes vice versa. I am a simple man i love country lifestyles but i need the feel of metropolitan night life, there fore i think that a nice house about 30 minutes from the city is ideal. I am a strong believer that the little things are the key to happiness, moonlit walks, opening the car door, sweet kisse on the forhead, and even stopping to pick a simple flower on the side of the road on my way to work for the woman i so dearly love.If you would like to Know more about me then reply.



Modified: 09 Mar 2004
Accessed: 10 Nov 2004


1.68 m

62 kg

Nottingham, UK


First year PhD student, looking for someone in life. Best wishes for members here, good luck to you all. << Now, second year starts, one year older, nothing change except a few kg weight on, still in sale. Updated on 12 Dec. 2002. >> <<< Final year ......, still waiting, swear, this is not my fault! >>>





1.75 m

99 kg

Georgia , USA


Hello Ladies, My name is Raymond I'm a 32 yr old Single Blk Male living in The U.S. (Georgia) I am Looking For a Woman That wants to be in a committed relationship, one that will lead to marriage. I have a picture upon request. If interested please get back to me when you can. Hope to hear from you soon, till then take care.


Posted: 05 Aug 2006
Modified: 08 Aug 2006
Accessed: 29 May 7


1.85 m

75 kg

Minsk, Belarus


Hello there! My name is Gleb, I'm 20 years old. I live in Minsk (the capital of the Republic of Belarus) & I'm a student of Law Faculty of the Belarusian State University(the major Univercity in our country ) I've been playing tennis for 8 years already, also I like to play snooker and soccer. My favourite players are Gonzalez of course, Andre Agassi(he is 35 years old and even so he is one of best players in the world!) and Marat Safin in ATP & Martina Hingis, Nastya Myskina & Clijsters in WTA... I like travelling and visiting other countries, I've been in many countries all over the world. I enjoy talking to people from different countries...


Posted: 02 Feb 2006
Accessed: 29 May 7


1.75 m

73 kg

Jilin, China


Don't know what to say. black man living in China. know me better when you will get in contact with me.


Posted: 20 Dec 2005
Modified: 09 Aug 2006
Accessed: 29 May 7


1.76 m

80 kg

Rimini, Italy


Hi to everyone, and thank you for reading my profile... let me introduce myself... ! I'm a sailorman from generations to generations, I travel with pleasure everytime I can, I love music and everythings around it, meet new people, I live life to the full and I love adventures... and... I'm an incurable romantic!! I love to dive into the nature, feel it, I remain motionless in front of a peaceful magnificence of the ocean, or I remain completly entranced when I see the flaming gradations of a beautiful sunset, meanwhile all around me everythings become so quiet, the sea make drowsy, and the darkness begin to envelop me in it's deep mantle of quiet and safety.... I love arts, music is so important for me, I'm a bass guitar player in a progressive/rock band, I want to face with myself continuosly, nothing must be deducted, becouse the life is never deducted.... I'm looking for a long term serious relationship, I hope to find my soulmate here, I'm waiting for you!


Posted: 10 Sep 2006
Accessed: 29 May 7


1.84 m

75 kg

Livorno, Italy


I am easy going. I love going camping, fishing, hunting, going to the movies, eating out, etc. I am very loyal, compassionit, caring, individual who will do anything for his girlfriend. I am looking for a woman who is smart, beautiful, sexy, honest, and who knows how to take car of her man.


Posted: 11 Sep 8


1.61 m

65 kg

Birkirkara, Malta


Easygoing and nice to be with



Posted: 27 Feb 2004
Modified: 17 May 7


1.72 m

60 kg

jakarta, Indonesia


Hi girl , I'am a single man , I live in jakarta, indonesia. if u stay in jakarta, dont forget to meet me.... I will be your guide and more...


Posted: 23 Oct 9
Accessed: 25 Oct 9


1.71 m

79 kg

South, Germany


Hello pretty lady, where are you? look at me, I do not bite. announce yourselves


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