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Posted: 17 Aug 2004
Modified: 22 Aug 2004
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1.72 m


hyderabad, India


i am a very sincere and honest guy.


Posted: 22 Feb 2006
Accessed: 19 Mar 2006


1.80 m

78 kg

Lublin, Poland


Hello, I think living on my own without someone caring, loving or expressing friendly realtionship is at least boring. I love Chinese women, their sartedness as well as physical appearance, I respect their habits and behaviour. If you would like to begin relationship with European guy, please do not hesitate to reply. My best greetings.


Posted: 14 Jan 2005
Accessed: 26 May 9


1.88 m

89 kg

Birmingham, UK


I am a man with traditional values,my father taught me to always show respect and politeness to others and to always try and be a gentleman. I believe that my father is a true gentleman and I can only hope that I follow in his footsteps. I am a happy person and some people think that I have no cares but I am a very sinsere person.I have strong beleifs in loyalty, trust and honesty. I would expect a lady to show the same mutual care, love and understanding that I am willing to give to her. I hope to spend several months in China next year, how nice it would be to visit somebody special I cannot wait to see. I know China is a very big counrty but distance is no object for two people who care for each other. I am looking for a life long partner.


Modified: 19 May 2006
Accessed: 41 00 1


1.75 m

75 kg

Miami, Florida, USA


I am seeking a wonderful Chinese girl, about 35 to 45 years old to be my wife. I am an American businessman who travels to Shenzhen and Hong Kong frequently. Please write me.


Posted: 24 Feb 2005
Modified: 11 Apr 2006
Accessed: 02 Jun 7


1.73 m

70 kg

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Looking for pretty girl for friendship.


Posted: 16 Jun 2004
Modified: 10 Jun 7
Accessed: 02 Jan 1


1.83 m

84 kg

Yorkshire, UK


Hi, I have recently returned to UK after working overseas for the past 8 years mostly Middle East and Africa. I have however, had cause to visit China, Shenzhen and Dalian but only for business and this leaves little time to enjoy the culture and scenery of the country. I have always had a great interest in the Chinese cultures and find the people to be very friendly and caring. I have a slim athletic build and very active in both my professional and social lives, I have a great love for outdoor pursuits particularly water sports, cycling and hiking. I am looking for a friendship which hopefully will lead to more when we get to know each other.


Posted: 11 00 1
Modified: 20 00 1
Accessed: 02 Jan 1


1.70 m

67 kg

Berlin, Germany


Do you want a family with children? Do you like to kiss and hug all the time?   OK, a relationship is more than cuddeling, but for me it is essential. Of course besides body language there should be good communication. My native language is German, I also speak English. My Chinese is limited to some animal names, foodstuff and 'wo ai ni'. Maybe once I can use it for you (not the animal names :). If you can imagine to live with me in Berlin/Germany, please contact me.


Posted: 07 Aug 2004
Modified: 01 Nov 8
Accessed: 05 Sep 9


1.78 m

93 kg

Kent, UK


I am a nice happy sort of a man that likes to socialise a lot. I travel Internationally quite a lot with my work as a communications design engineer. I enjoy Diving (Scuba) and also Sailing. Obviously I live near the beach as I like anything to do with the sea!I am looking for a younger partner who is full of life!


Posted: 18 Oct 2005
Modified: 19 Oct 2005
Accessed: 05 Sep 9


1.56 m

52 kg

Phoenix, Arizona, USA


My name is John Smith i am 43 years old, i am joinig this site to bacome a full member and also to make friends online.



Posted: 14 Apr 2004
Modified: 03 Jul 2004


1.93 m

79 kg

South, USA


I am seeking a lady friend.


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