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Posted: 25 Feb 7


1.75 m

70 kg

Sweden, Sweden


Romantic prince seeking meihao princess Hi there, I am a warmhearted and tender gentleman busy creating delicious asian fusion cuisine in my restaurant. Meihao xiaojie kewang wo de zhen xin zhen yi ganqing, ni zai nali? A life full of romance, adventure and culinary moments awaits you.


Posted: 09 Aug 7
Modified: 21 Mar 9
Accessed: 14 Apr 9


1.68 m

60 kg

London, UK


I am a 36 years old chinese man working as a waiter in a london restaurant. I have never been married and have no children. I have only had one girlfriend in my life due to being shy but I am not shy anymore. At weekends, I like to ride around on my motorbike, watch critket at a big arena and badminton in a tournament. I enjoy doing this because it gives me time to reflect on life. I am looking for a lady for friendship or possible marriage


Posted: 06 Mar 8


1.76 m

82 kg

Addlestone, UK


It's never easy to write about your self, but here are am searching for someone to be my best friend, my lover and my partner, so i will give it a go and try to tell you a little about me, i am, Easy going, romantic, friendly. Easy to laugh I like most things( music, travel, reading, going out or staying in) I can read, write and speak Greek(Evening Classes), Like to read about Greek Mythology(all them gods and goddesses) I like beach holidays(and a hot sun) I live with my crazy(funny)dog, nice friendly, always happy to meet people, snores when he is asleep,


Posted: 29 Nov 2004
Accessed: 30 Nov 2004


1.73 m

72 kg

Chicago, Illinois, USA


Hi, I am moving to Shenzhen, China next month (Dec 2004) on a long time contract work. I am looking for a special person - preferably a girl / lady / woman, who is mature, sincere, caring, loving, enjoys every movement of life with nature and willing to do always something good for people / community without discriminating race and/or religion as a whole. I do not / cannot commit myself on any sort of relationship or whatsoever at this time but its all depends on the 'time & sprit' that God gives me to make the decision. Me, sounds like a spiritual person? That may be true. I would like to consider who doesn’t have any modern life style phobia and involve in drugs & drinks or any usage of addictive substances. Some special cases could be dealt with mutual understanding. Bottom line, lets make peace at home first by bringing happiness I our lives and give 'Something' back to the world in return. Enjoy with what we have and God gives with lots of cherishment in life.... am I talking to myself?? Hope you understand what I mean and of course, it sounds too simple & stupid for many and for not everyone who reads this. If it strikes out to be a deal for your future and you think, YOU ARE THE ONE who could lead this life style, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I promise, I will write back with more interesting thoughts to share with you soon. Appreciate your picture otherwise; it might look like just an unfulfilling negotiation without FEELINGS. Waiting for you ;-) Bob


Posted: 28 Jul 8


1.91 m

120 kg

Tianjin, China


I live for one year in tianjin...


Posted: 15 Oct 2004
Modified: 22 Oct 2004
Accessed: 27 May 8


1.75 m

72 kg

Surrey, UK


I was born and brought up in Moscow. But I am a British citizen now. I have been living in England over 11 years. I like going to the theatre, classing music concerts, cinema, museums and art galleries (but not so much Tate Modern), visiting historical places and old manor houses. I go cycling at weekends to keep fit. I like travelling (France, Italy, Taiwan, the USA). I enjoy spending summer holidays at the seaside (Cornwall, Nice). I would like to travel more and learn about various cultures. I like intellectual challenge and to be seriously involved in studing new things: science, languages. I am looking for somebody with a sparkling personality to share some of my interests, who is between 30 and 41 years old, quite cultured and speaks fairly good English and Mandarin. I do not speak Mandarin, but I might learn some. My 19-year-old son lives in Moscow with his mother.


Posted: 30 Jan 2005
Accessed: 12 Jun 7


1.79 m

75 kg

Tehran, Iran


HI, How R U Today? I Love Asian female, I like have Asian Girls Friend & Asian wife, Please Mail me If U wanna Me


Posted: 31 Oct 2004
Modified: 25 Dec 7
Accessed: 12 Jun 7


1.70 m

58 kg

Hong Kong


Man with a strong passion in love. I believe honesty and trust in relationship.


Posted: 13 Dec 2004
Accessed: 14 Dec 2004


1.70 m

79 kg

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I am going to China for one year. Most likely I will be in Shenyang. I would like to meet people from the Liaoning province. If you are someone who would like to meet me and show me around let me know.



Posted: 09 Nov 2003
Accessed: 03 Jun 2006


1.72 m

90 kg

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Hello, I am currently working and living in Guangzhou and I'm looking for an Asian woman who speaks English to date, possibly leading to something more serious in the future. I am a very mature, honest, kind man and I work teaching children at a primary school. I love adventure and travel and don't smoke. I also have a good sense of humor and I'm very well educated and traveled. I hope to hear from you soon.


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