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Posted: 04 Apr 2006
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68 kg

Hong Kong


抱 负 不 凡, 慷 慨,帮 助 人,有 爱 心, 想 找 一 个 永 久 伴 侣 朋 友, 可 给 你 的 電 話 號 碼 我 嗎?    我 们 可 以 在 电 话 里 談 天 和 了 解. 回 信 请 附 上 你 的 生 活 照 片. I'm warm, ambitious, sincere and looking for the love of my life. You can bump into so many in your life time and yet feeling disappointed, but I belief I'll find HER someday. Juliet! Juliet! where are from Romeo xxx .........Please enclosed your recent photos to me.



Posted: 11 Oct 2006
Modified: 21 Oct 2006
Accessed: 02 Feb 9


1.81 m

89 kg

California, USA


Robert Zolly's Profile: I have a great gift of youth and an adventurous spirit along with a sincere and loyal personality. I am a one woman man who is honest and appreciative of the qualities that a cultured and educated lady brings to a mans life. I am interested in looking for a relationship leading to marriage. I have a great gift of youth and an adventurous spirit along with a sincere and loyal personality. I am a one woman man who is honest and appreciative of the qualities that a cultured and educated lady brings to a mans life. I have an openness and easy way of talking and making friends...I am interested in looking for a relationship leading to marriage. I am a successful business man with my own company and a schedule that allows me to travel and spend daily time with a lady and give her a fun day with laughter and my devotion. I intend to make her my modern day princess. My love for her will be warm, very caring and filled with touching and compliments and light romantic teasing...we will above all else have lots of laughter and tenderness in our love. We will explore the activities of the San Francisco Bay area and other countries on a frequent basis as I am more into being active than I am into TV. I have joyful spirit and creativity in my personality...I am curious, creative and mild tempered man. I love to visit China and Europe. I am a naturally happy man with exciting interests from traveling the world, architecture,painting vivid oil paintings, cultural events, art museums, restaurants, movies, street fairs, music or other jazz entertainment and of coarse the theatre. Ladies who know me say that I love women and I give them lots of attention. I enjoy walking, shopping and going to stores and talking to merchants and questions...I have great fun every day and a wonderful sense of humor. I am very healthy and athletic and I exercise at the gym regularly and I stay in shape and most people guess my age to be 48 to 52 years old. My mind is even younger as I have many interests and I like to participate and compromise ..I am very curious to try new fun things and do couple activities often. My life is also very playful and artistic ...I enjoy the finer things in life from food to clothes and my home surroundings. I do not play games nor am I a playboy...I am a family man with a lively spirit, a responsible and mature attitude but with the excitement of a youthful man as this is my true character. I like to build a relationship on level of spiritual warmth and love first ...and then I am that romantic guy who will make my lady the first priority in my life. I want her to be my equal and to be a successful and proud lady. Since I am younger in spirit and health and and I live the lifestyle of a much younger man I need a lady who will accept my age and be young with me and have a mutual goal to be active and explore the world. If you are always shy and not expressive in spirit we will not be a match for each other. My Ideal Person: Please be a pretty and slim lady around 39 to 49 with a good education and reasonable English speaking skills...your speech does not need to be great but you should be a quick learner and be curious about the world around us and have a ability to be socially gracefull around people. I will respect your beautiful Eastern ways of life and culture as I admire the Asian cultures. I have a great deal of fun in my lifestyle and the financial success to provide a good life to a lady who can be open and direct in her conversation...she must be always honest and not keep secrets of telling only some of the truth. She should understand the "We" concept of a couple in marriage. To build a loving relationship does require a happy and intelligent person who loves men not just because a lady needs a man some time to keep from feeling lonely but I look for a woman can be devoted to giving happiness like I am. I need a lady who loves men who enjoys conversation and for the different qualities that a man has in his personality...I am not interested in a lonely or unhappy lady or a lady who has not had achivements and success in life. You should have patience and not want to be any one's boss and you should enjoy to make compromises. If you are motivated by money please go away as I want a compasionate tender and gentle woman who gives love every day...and knows how to surrender and be loving. Please enjoy being romantic everyday as romance is a natural vitamin. I am looking for a lady who has Asian qualities,and appreciates artistic culture ( the arts...museums, plays,music and entertainment, travel, good food and restaurants and is family oriented like me...I have two wonderful children ( girl 15 years & boy 19 years who do not live with me...they do not need another mother as they have one. My lady can have children or she can be without children and she may want to have a child which is fine for me as I love kids and I could financially support more and could provide a good education to a lady with children is wonderful and not a problem. I am a person with almost all younger friends that reflect an attidude of youthfulness and maturity...I feel that since I am this active I would be best with a younger lady. The lady should have patience and be a good listener as well as a intelligent talker who leads a healthy lifestyle...who does some exercise and takes care of her own body and is well groomed and interested in her appearance. My needs are to find a loyal, mild tempered and supportive lady who is not afraid to show love and touching affection and give great attention to her husband. I need a strong yet humble lady with a domestic side who can keep a very clean and elegant house and enjoy cooking. The lady should be slim and pretty as I am motivated by a inspiring lady who takes advantage of her natural beauty.



Posted: 09 Apr 7
Accessed: 30 Aug 9


1.76 m

97 kg

Northants, UK


Hello I'm Frank, 44 and live in Northampton. I'm looking for a close friendship, hopefully leading to a long term relationship. I work as an engineer, about of my time in the UK and the rest abroad, usually in Europe. I love travelling, especially holidays, so if you respond I hope you like travelling too. I'm usually quite calm, relaxed, not too demanding. Hobbies are cycling, travelling and cooking. Good luck to all of you and I hope to here from some of you soon


Posted: 20 Feb 2006
Accessed: 09 Aug 7


1.77 m

109 kg

North Carolina, USA


Hello there. My name is Steven, I am a college student from North Carolina, USA. I am looking for the woman of my dreams, the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. A kindhearted, sweet, intelligent woman, with a good sense of humor. I enjoy reading, movies, swimming, concerts, listenening to music (not specifically in that order).



Posted: 03 Apr 8
Accessed: 18 Sep 9


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Wolverhampton, UK





Posted: 21 Jan 2004
Modified: 28 Jul 7
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London, UK


I want looking for a chinese girl 30 old year round. only for soul mate.I`m good men and high face. I`m from china.who is like cooking~ camra----.I`m living in london now. if you have some interesting please contact to me.



Posted: 09 Jul 2004
Modified: 04 Dec 2006
Accessed: 11 Aug 7


1.76 m

85 kg

West Yorkshire, UK


hi, what to write?   Im looking to make new friends on this site have always wanted to know more about the chinese culture and people. Im intrested initally in making new friends and maybe with the right lady a long term. Would only like to meet geniune ladys only with a good outlook in life. Finaly thankyou for reading my profile and look foward to hearing from you, and if i am not what you are looking for i wish you all the best and hope you find what you seek. X


Posted: 02 Sep 7
Accessed: 31 Oct 1


1.73 m

66 kg

Brighton, UK


I am a genuine and honest person looking for a very special lady to share life's pleasures. I'm sincere in my desire to meet someone with an Asian background.


Posted: 19 Apr 2005
Modified: 09 Apr 2006
Accessed: 15 Aug 7


1.80 m

70 kg

Auckland, New Zealand


HI everyone - i am a university student studying asian studies and chinese. I like watching movies, cooking, and going to the beach (when its warm enough). I really really want to learn to speak chinese better so if you email me i hope we can do that :-) im really only looking for friendship but this might change over time. send me a message - i promise ill reply :-) if you have scype thats great.


Posted: 29 Jun 2003
Modified: 02 May 2006
Accessed: 29 Sep 8


1.83 m

95 kg

Portsmouth, UK


Marriage only Please. I'm an ex TEFL English Teacher and an Enigma Decipher & Civil Cryptographer and Author. I have taught English in Lu'an (Anhui) Chongqing, Urumqi. I am searching for a Chinese female who can speak and read English and who wants marriage. To live in both England and China on land or on a yacht, as I am connected to boats with having Marine Patents. I'm searching preferable for a Sagittarian, Aries, Leo, Pisces or Capricorn females born in 1953-57-60-65-69-72-77 (Chinese Snake Rooster or Rat) I'm an born, 24-March-1949 at 1.03am. (A True Ox.) Earth Ox, I have far too many interests to mention but the main ones are my work, boats, (as I have sailed round the world twice already and would like to go again) all of Natural History, crafts, music, Paeloentology archology traveling. I travel in Mongolia doing research. I like cooking and am house trained aswell as being gentle and an honest easy going person. I have my own 2 web sites. I also have an MC MF MM degrees. Everywhere I have been in China the people say that I am a very humerous person. I would also like to contact buisness people connected to the PUBLISHING INDUSTRY in China. I need help to find information that is in the Beijing Libraries in the Ancient Manuscripts Section, then to be translated into English. Thanks for reading my profile Hewie


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