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Posted: 20 Aug 7
Accessed: 11 May 9


1.70 m

56 kg

Cambridge, UK


Hi, I am a Chinese working in an institution and doing a small business. I am looking for a life partner to share some happy time. Whoever you are only if you are a gentle and caring women, let's meet and start...


Posted: 09 Nov 2004
Accessed: 24 Feb 9


1.90 m

77 kg



Hi everyone... thank you for taking the time to read my profile... A little about me... I am originally from the caribbean.. my family is mixed mainly east indian however there are chinese, european, and african in my family. I currently work as an engineer and well to be honest i really dont like to work... one of my biggest passion is to travel... and god willing i will be able to some time in the near future. I really dont know what else to say here so i will end here... feel free to ask anything... Ali


Modified: 05 Aug 2005
Accessed: 14 Nov 2006


1.88 m

93 kg

north, UK


Hello everyone. I am Colin - a 6ft 1in, 43 year old man of 14 and half stone. Happily divorced and looking for a wonderful woman. I am told that I am quite good looking, but unfortunately a bit shy, but only until I get to know a person. The lovely little girls on my profile pictures are my daughters, aged 10 and 11 so you must like kids! i work as a counsellor and also counsell children so they are a big part of my life.i also work with mental health clients and domestic violence. we also a parrot and a bullmastff pup. I am lucky single Dad and the 5 of us live together happily. We would like to turn this into 6, or maybe more! .so if you would like to explore the possibilities with a genuine, nice person and two little girls, drop me a line. ps. iam, also very adventurous. and i love my motorbike. Physical attraction may start it but, only personalities complete it! i will be totaly honest here: i dont think a size 16⁄18 is average or medium , there you go!!!!! and after saying that, i can assure you iam not shallow at all, but we all have out preferences. And why do a lot of the larger girls on this site feel the need to bend over and show their boobs⁄clevage in their picture,, its very shallow. and if i ever ask anyone this question, i usually just get abuse back,lol. AND I THINK PEOPLE THAT HAVNT GOT THE DECENCY TO REPLY TO OTHERS ARE IGNORANT ;) MY LIKES ARE: genuiness, congruence, honesty, my daughters, my motorbike, my car, my job, faithfullness, love, giving, recieving, talking for hours, love, sex, oral ;) , adventurous, u on top, me on top, swimming, cycling, walking, chinese food, indian food, football, go abroad, going camping, nipples, pork pies, dont like beef, jeans, vodka, animals, unconditional positive regard, having my arms tickled. , color does not matter, average looking or better, average build or better



Posted: 17 Jun 2004
Accessed: 30 Aug 7


1.68 m

60 kg

goungdon province, China


Hello iam 25 years of age from africa ghana. i want to get a lady from china for serious relationship which will lead to marry. i am very romantic and lovely boy. dont think about my colour , because love is very important so you have to get some one you love most.



Posted: 03 Aug 2004
Accessed: 71 00 1


1.89 m

100 kg

western, USA


I have been to China and I am seeking a Chinese woman who I can build a successful relationship with that will lead to a happy and fulfilling marriage. If you have a child that will be great as I love children. I love to laugh and to see you smile and laugh, I am somewhat romantic, very caring, I like smaller groups better that large crowds, I love sunrises as the signify the dawn of a new day new opportunities, new possibilities I see the world not as why not.. But WHAT IF...always optimistic...sorrow shared by two is halved but joy shared by two is doubled...the time has come for all good men (that’s me) to share my life with a great woman (that’s you) I am not perfect I am human, and I stumble and sometimes fall (I always get up and laugh at myself) I have learned not to fear failure as it is impossible not to fail... for me what’s impossible is not quit trying as I am the eternal optimist even in traumatic and desperate times. It is better to fail at trying than to never try and to never know victory or defeat. I am always under foundation is strong, my walls are tall and my roof is water proof….. but my interior is missing something...YOU.


Posted: 29 Sep 2004
Accessed: 25 Dec 7


1.83 m

82 kg

Hong Kong


Just a Single guy from UK working in Hong Kong.... Like to surf, travel and have a few drinks with the boys...


Posted: 41 00 1


1.87 m

104 kg

South dakota, USA


I'm from South Dakota, and I'm on here because I enjoy meeting people from other parts of the world. I'm looking for someone to chat with. I like to learn and understand things about people, specially people from far away who have completely different walks of life.


Posted: 05 Dec 2004
Modified: 10 Jun 2006
Accessed: 32 Oct 1


1.71 m

74 kg

Nevada, USA


Long walks in the evening watching the sun set in the west. Conversations by the fire or long bike rides in the country on a brisk spring or fall day. That's what I like to do how about you? I'm educated, intelligent, honest and stable. I am looking for an honest attractive woman to share life. One who has a mind of her own and not afraid to voice her opnion. One who will share their deepest secrets between with compete trust and devotion. I will return the same. I love to travel, eat diner by candlelight, dress for the theatre, yet put on my jeans and hike in the mountains to take a photograph. Care to join me? Addendum: Feb 5, 2006. There is a saying in the west about Nice guys. It goes, "Nice guys always finish last" Over the years, and in all of my relationships I have come to believe this is true. I wanted to update my profile because of what has happend in my life over the last 9 - 10 months. I have met several women that I was attracted to, and I either found that a few are looking for a free trip to America, they are looking for some stereotypical American male that only exists in the movies, prision, drunk and signing kareoke, or sitting on a stool at the end of a bar drunk telling any woman who comes along anything they want to hear just so he cn have you for a night. (if he can stay awake long enough) I've come to th3e conclusion that there are not any woman out there who actually folow what they write in their profiles on nthese websites. I think it only pertains to this stereotype male from the movies, TV, and romance novels. The men I know that the women chase, are always the ones who treat them badly, abuse them after time, and cheat on them after they have been married for awhile. IS reality not an option in this world?   Well, I'll stay being the nice guy, I'll keep with my values and treat women as they should be treated. However, I've come to the conclusion that there are not any women out there that live up to the things they write in their profiles. I've been yelled at, accused of being boring, not any fun. (I'm not a drunk) and a myriad of other things I won't waste my time writing here. If there is really a woman out there who is true to her words in her profile, I challenge you to write me, prove me wrong. I am everything I say I am in my profile and more! But, I warn you, I'm through playing games, I am not a slave, or your servant, I do not put up with a woman dictating what they want, what they expect, and act like a warden after the first 3 emails. The most recent woman accused me of being dishonest because I didn't just do what she expected of me, and I didn't do it on the exact second she expected it done! I should have know when we first met that something was not right. I was told what I could and couldn't do right from the beginning. On the first phone call it had to be exactly 10:00, I fell asleep, woke up a few minutes later than that, and when I called, I was told "you are late, You can call when you learn the rules and call when you are supposed to! Now, I ask you, why this woman has been single most of her life. I have allot of patience, and understanding, I waited for awhile to make any judgements, I also thought it may be a cultureal difference. I was willing to bend and go along with and adapt to anything to make it work. Of course I was late again, and I didn't read her mind.Because of that I am now dishonest, I am a threat to women and I scare this woman because I kept asking what was wrong when she didn't respond to any of my emails for over a week. She just ignored them. Then, I was all of these terrible things! Like I said, nice guys finsih last. I am not some stereotypical man you see in the movies or on TV. But, I am a nice man with high values and integrity. If you feel you could stand being with a nice gentleman who will bend over backwards for you. Share life in all forms, give you all that you need to be happy without ever being angry. send me a message. (OH, they now charge for this site so it may be difficult) If I don't hear from anyone, that is all right as well. I'd rather be single than a slave, or anything other than a "Nice guy"



Posted: 11 Dec 2003
Modified: 12 Jan 2004


1.76 m

60 kg

Asia, Malaysia


Hi ladies, Am a chinese guy, age 33 yrs looking for ladies as casual friends or travelling partner. I love to travel, listen to music, do sports, movies goer, great joker, love food greatly U would be surprise that I am still fit!!) If you're looking for companion,search no more!! I am here willing to hear from you and to know you more. It would do more good if I hear from you. So why wait, do email me, trust you won't regret. Cheers


Posted: 07 Aug 8
Accessed: 25 Aug 8


1.87 m

88 kg

Stockholm, Sweden


An active, quite good looking and educated man. Looking only for serious relation with attractive. Like travel, litterature and sports. Let's get to know each other with respect and love!


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