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Posted: 28 Sep 2004
Modified: 16 Oct 2006
Accessed: 22 Jan 8


1.74 m

67 kg

Warickshire, UK


Hi there my names lee, im a 23 yo guy, very easy going and loves life, i love animals, i have two dogs, called costa and toby, which i love very much. im not a avid clubber or pubber, but do like to go with friends occasoinally, i enjoy out door avtivities, which include, hiking, camping, and genaral things like that, i enjoy visiting museums and historical sights. im looking for a sensible woman to share my life with, to have good times with, and to have enjoyable conversations with. if your out there please get in touch.


Posted: 12 Aug 2005
Accessed: 20 Aug 2005


1.77 m

80 kg

Shanghai, China


I am looking for a fun-loving Chinese girl for a serious relationship and possibly marriage in the future.


Posted: 02 Sep 2006
Accessed: 05 Sep 2006


1.77 m

95 kg

Los Angles Calif., USA


I'm from Ackerman Mississippi now in Los Angles Calif. i'm self employed, and also work as an actor. I enjoy meeting and talking with people, I like to make people laugh and have a good time. I'm very simple and it does not take awhole lot to impress me, I'm not rich but i have alot of fun with what ever i have. i enjoy movies going out to eat, music, friends, computer games singing, danceing, and i don't mind being at home some, my values in life is God, family, friends, and to make everone that i'm around as happy as i can. And the women i want is someone who can have fun with and that has a great sence of humor, someone who wants to settle down and maybe want to build a family, someone who who is simple and don't ask for alot, but dont mind going to church and sitting at home some, someone who can cook, and likes to cuddle up watching tv, or listing to music, someone who can talk with and be there best friend.


Posted: 03 Aug 2005
Modified: 06 Dec 2005
Accessed: 13 Nov 9


1.70 m

67 kg

Kauniainen, Finland


Hello from Finland want to know me more just send me mail and i will reply to you. Take care and all the best


Posted: 05 Apr 2006
Modified: 06 Dec 2005
Accessed: 22 May 7


1.66 m

63 kg



Hi, I am Nick from Singapore. Hope to find some friends from overseas area. I am in the aviations industry, anyone love to know about flights?  Hee... Hope to hear from u soon... cya.



Posted: 13 Dec 2003
Accessed: 08 Jun 8


1.82 m

81 kg

alberta, Canada


handsome,divorced,young looking canadian guy. non smoking or any other bad habits, well educated,well employed, many interests including travel,different cultures, nature,classical music and dancing seeks chinese lady.



Posted: 28 Jan 2004
Modified: 30 Jan 2004
Accessed: 23 May 2005


1.78 m

86 kg

Georgia, USA


I would like to meet a wonderful, intelligent, sweet Chinese girl. I am a point in my life where I would like to settle down and get married. I am a well balanced guy/ stable in my career and I LOVE to have fun. My friend met his wife via this site and she is a wonderful person. So here I am.


Posted: 13 Sep 2004
Modified: 30 Jan 2004
Accessed: 02 Jan 8


1.82 m

74 kg

Hundested, Denmark


I am seeking a nice women for having nice life together.


Posted: 14 Aug 2004
Modified: 22 May 7
Accessed: 21 May 7


1.68 m

70 kg

Mombay, India


Hi, my name is Sandy (my nick name) from India, and I've witnessed the great opportunities here and saw lots of people got great success, and hopefully I will fulfill my dream here too... I like Chinese cultures & Chinese womes, I travel more than 10 times in a year to china, well familier about culture & peoples of china, as I am seeking for a perfact girl for fruitful & for long lasting relationship, hopefully you are right girl of my kind............ is it ??  so what you are waiting for start conversation & share your experience with me....... No metter where are you from ......... so plz. come & start friendship.


Posted: 31 Jul 2005
Modified: 29 Mar 8
Accessed: 31 Jan 9


1.85 m

80 kg

Zhuhai, China


我是一个德国人。多年以来爱中国的文化, 吃得东西, 历史。 也会讲中文,但是不太多。我想知道更多关于中国的文化底蕴,希望能收到你的回信. 我46岁,但是谁都说我看上去比实际年龄年轻, 我的心一样的. The last time I went to China was in July 2005. I have a serious job. I do a lot of sports, I run marathons, so I dont smoke at all. I am looking for a honest simpleminded chinese women for a serious, loyal, 100 % reliable relationship for ever, no adventure, no games! Your child would be no problem. If you still look for a man/friend so please respond to me. I would be very pleased about your answer. Let's first become friends and leave the rest to the destiny, ok?  


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