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Posted: 14 Jan 9
Accessed: 16 Oct 8


1.77 m

78 kg

Oslo, Norway


I am open, serious and caring man. I am easy-going, optimistic and with a good sense of humor. I like to communicate with new people and find new friends in them



Posted: 09 Aug 2004
Modified: 19 Jul 7
Accessed: 16 Oct 8


1.80 m

71 kg

Stuttgart, Germany


Dear Friend, my ethnic is Asian but I am German and I live over 15 years in Europe. I speak German, English and also a little Greek, Thai last but not least Japanese. I have to appologize that I do not speak Chinese at all. I'm well easy going and I'm a person who listens to your problems and thoughts. Let me be part of your life and let me take part of your problems and worries so we can fix it together. I'm honest and very serious. My interests are in arts, IT technologies, economy (especially in Asia), computers and video games. I am very astouned by the Chinese economy. On the past I've spent a lot of time to play Multyplayer games with my friends. My hobby leads to my interest to create characters, special arts with colors. I love to bring things into "life", into giving them the right design. But my main interests focus is in graphics design for the web and GUI (Graphical User Interface) in video games. Well, when I'm not sitting in front of the pc I did in the past some fighting sports inlcuding Karate, Judo, Aikido etc but honestly I gave it up to bring more time for other things. I love to watch DVD films, also in Japanese and Chinese ones though I can't understand the languages at all.... I'm also interested in Japanese techs and stock exchange. Due to my interests in economies I've met so many people and found friends around the world. The life in Germany is very tough and also nice, however I plan to stay here for a while not because it's my home country but maybe I gotta move to you.... I'm very open for anything. Talk and ask me about everything, I don't mind your age, nationality etc. I love to see and meet people from different countries. Since the world focus on China I became more fascinated about this wonderful country. And I honestly became more interested in beautiful Chinese ladies. I love the way you smile, I love the way you talk and I love your eyes. BUT one thing you should keep in mind, I want you to be honest with me, that's all. Please if you wish to receive more information from me or you want to see other pictures then please don't hesitate to contact me. I would really love to meet you. Thank you very much Best Regards


Posted: 02 Sep 2006
Modified: 19 Jul 7
Accessed: 16 Oct 8


1.71 m

95 kg

Leeds, UK


I come from TW, live in Leeds UK now. Do you want know more information? ††† ....Call me.



Posted: 28 Dec 2003


1.83 m

86 kg

Montana, USA


I am looking for a nice woman that loves children and a happy home. I am a very happy person and I need someone to share my happiness with.



Posted: 30 Apr 2004
Accessed: 07 Jun 7


1.70 m

95 kg

curacao island, Others


I love to find a nice chinese girl to share love withb



Posted: 26 Jun 2003
Accessed: 04 Oct 9


1.75 m

75 kg

Luton, UK


39 yrs old, good looking , very caring and loving, loves children and family life. do not drink or smoke. work as a Nurse and Paramedic, looking for an Oriental lady, similar to my self in profile for long term relationship with a view to marriage.



Posted: 22 Feb 2004
Accessed: 12 Oct 2004


1.75 m

91 kg

Florida, USA


Easy going chirstian minister, open, kind, loving, and faithful, looking for a nice chiristian woman to spend the rest of our lives together. Age is not an issue. Must have a good and giving heart, and want to help others in this world. Must be able to relocate to the US. Will answer all who send photo and information about background.


Posted: 18 Nov 9
Accessed: 72 00 1


1.85 m

92 kg

London, UK


I am Nick from the North West London area, I consider myself a well balance respectful passionate fun loving but hard working guy, I am seeking relationship with someone predominately filled with romance, affection, understanding, communication, respect for each other and for the relationship,


Modified: 30 Sep 7
Accessed: 30 Jan 8


1.88 m

100 kg

Oldham, England, UK


Iím 48, 6í2Ē, 220 lbs. with a shaved head and blue eyes. A non-smoker, professionally employed (Computer Network Manager). Interests include: Jogging, Cycling,Tai Chi, Koi Keeping, Listening to Music, Dining In/Out, Socialising, Travel and Art. Iím honest, loving, caring, faithful, intelligent, generous and adventurous. Iíve been divorced for 7 years now and Iím looking to find the right woman aged between 30 Ė 45 for friendship/long-term relationship.


Posted: 09 Dec 2004
Modified: 18 Sep 2006
Accessed: 22 Jan 8


1.80 m

59 kg

Paris, France


I am a young cute French guy leaving in a nive little french village. I like science but I am also interested in many other fields and I am open to all kind of new experiences. I am quite shy but I am sincere helpful and I always try to do my best to help other people. I am looking for a young girl to share my passions. If you are want to exchange some messages with me feel free to send me a few words. Hope to have news from you soon.


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