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Posted: 19 Sep 8
Accessed: 23 Sep 8


1.60 m

59 kg

Texas, USA


I am a nice, kind guy. I like to visit the national forest near my home. I very often go to China for my work. I just became an attorney this year! Please resond if you would like to know me!



Modified: 02 Feb 8
Accessed: 31 Jan 8


1.84 m

65 kg

NSW, sydney, Australia


if u in sydney or shanghai, story maybe get to be going on... I am shanghainese, graduated and major in accounting and finance in sydney, Australia. Self-confidence, mature, aggreesive, that's me! Music and soccer are the most important elements in my life. I like playing piano, anything related to music except chinese folk and ROCK, reading, sports, swimming, internet, etc. To some extent, i am a quiet man and a little bit isolated, don't worry, i have friends here and there. I will back shanghai for my business, so, if u in china or sydney, don't feel hesitate to contact with me, if u believe, then, i will believe! Thanks for ur concern!


Posted: 19 Nov 2004
Modified: 18 Aug 2006
Accessed: 08 Oct 2006


1.80 m

83 kg

London, UK


Just an average man here looking for friendship and maybe more!!!!!!!!!!.


Posted: 09 Oct 7
Modified: 10 Oct 7
Accessed: 08 Oct 2006


1.87 m

82 kg

Connecticut, USA


Hello (Ni Hao)! :) I am honest, well employed, fit from martial arts, educated, honorable, tall, goal driven and single. I love to travel, I am fascinated by different cultures, I enjoy technology and I respect women. The reason I am posting on here is that I recently returned from a trip to China. I visited Beijing, Xi'an, Wudangshan, Shanghai and Suzhou. I saw a lot of amazing things while I was there, and I am sure I will have to visit again. Write to me if you're looking for just a friend or if you're looking for more. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.


Posted: 15 Feb 7
Accessed: 04 Apr 8


1.78 m

78 kg

Naestved, Denmark


I am highly interested in chinese culture, and would like to exchange opinions and ideas with a chinese citizen


Posted: 20 Jul 2005


1.76 m

72 kg

Stuttgart, Germany


Bin 44 Jahre jung, ledig, ohne Kinder,Deutscher und suche die Frau fuer ein Leben zu zweit in Liebe, Harmonie, Romantik und Treue. Willst Du auch nicht mehr alleine durch den Weg des Lebens gehen, denn schreibe mir.


Posted: 16 May 2004
Modified: 19 Jul 7


1.82 m

85 kg

London, UK


I'm a Black teenage student from the U.K. I would like to meet nice, sexy Chinese or other Asian females to get to know for a chat or possible relationship. I know that there are a lot of stereotypes that surround Black people but i'm willing to overcome that;) Jai Long


Posted: 01 Aug 7
Modified: 02 Aug 7
Accessed: 11 Nov 7


1.81 m

71 kg

Hanhzhou, China


I am a American working in China would like to meet someone nice and good my name is Matt Paxson


Posted: 27 Nov 2004
Modified: 26 Jul 2005
Accessed: 31 Oct 1


1.83 m

112 kg

Bergen, Norway


Im 54 years old, but feel my self like 30-35 year young. I still have the boy inside me. Lots of fun and jokes and always a smile around my face. But Im still serious. Im that kind of a man that like to treat a woman, girl so she could feel her like a QUEEN. I have been single nearly 7 and half year now, and belive it's time for me to do something with it. If you are in the same possision, than you know what I meen. What I like and love to do!!! Make food with candle on the table, flowers, to go dancing, go fishing, bowling, mutch moore, and all kind of I will end this few line with these words. To love is nothing, to be loved is something, to love and be loved is everything. Lots of kisses and huges from Jan Erik If you found some interesting with my profile, and If you are agree whit me. Than answere me with your mail address.


Posted: 15 Oct 8
Accessed: 16 Oct 8


1.77 m

61 kg

Washington, USA


I am very nice looking man seeking the right partner, i have been describe by others to be a very out spoken kind of person and also honest too.


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