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Accessed: 29 Sep 8


1.83 m

90 kg

Florida, USA


I am an older Caucasian American Man in South Florida on the Atlantic Ocean. I seek a pretty, young girl for marriage and a loving relationship. I hope to find one who does not mind living with an older man! I shall take good care of you. We shall travel in the USA ,snow ski, hike, have fun. I know only a few words in Chinese so I need someone who can speak some English. Please send a photo and I will do the same.


Posted: 20 Jun 2006
Accessed: 07 Aug 8


1.81 m

83 kg

Tryon, USA


Hi. I'm a divorced guy living in the Southern USA. I've grown tired of the alone-ness and the lack of someone to fully share my life with, both the good AND the not-so-good.


Posted: 20 Mar 2005
Accessed: 28 Jul 9


1.77 m

64 kg

Limoges, France


From france I would like to correspond with many people from mainland China. I am very interested by the culture and true friendship. email me and we will learn to sppreciate eachother. olivier


Modified: 02 Mar 2005
Accessed: 28 Jul 9


1.85 m

86 kg

California, USA


I seek an attractive,intellegent and somewhat shy lady with traditional values and morals. She must be trustworthy,understanding and patient as we learn to grow togeather. But as much as this is important she must not be shallow or vain. The gift she gives is the best of what is inside her. I know that I hope she would as well. If you would like to communicate more with me. Please contact me. I am only interested in the most beautiful weman.



Posted: 22 Sep 2003
Accessed: 17 Aug 9


1.84 m

79 kg

Worcester, UK


Let me tell you a bit about myself. I work managing a number of leisure centres and golf courses these include swimming pools, gyms, spots hall, tennis courts, beauty treatment salons etc. I am divorced, have one child who does not live with me, she is thirteen and I love her dearly. I am 6ft tall, light brown hair, blue eyes, people say I am good looking, I have a caring nature, honest and loyal, I do not suffer fools gladly and do not like to be taken for one. However, to the women I love I will shower her with love an affection. I can be very romantic to the women who I feel she loves me the same way I love her. I own a lovely house in a lovely part of England, have a good job, a luxurious car and I have been to many parts of the world including South Africa, Spain France, America, Germany, Holland many more for my holidays Indeed I love the out door life, and would one day like to retire near the coast to spend more time relaxing in the sun, or just enjoying a glass of wine with my lover, soul mate wife best friend Perhaps you can tell me a little about your self, what you are looking for, what you do for a living, what is it like where you live now. If you feel you would like to respond to the email would love to hear from you. Love and happiness AL


Posted: 02 May 2005
Modified: 04 Sep 2005
Accessed: 11 May 9


1.63 m

55 kg

London, UK


Hello there. I'm british born chinese. Family are from HK. My mandarin is really bad - I have been taking weekend courses at SOAS uni. for 3 years now, but still no progress...actually my cantonese is really bad as well! I'm hoping to meet new mandarin speaking friends. Drop me an e-mail if you want to chat.


Posted: 24 Aug 7
Accessed: 06 Sep 7


1.80 m

69 kg

London, UK


A simple, sincere, diligent guy who is looking for the right lady to spend life with, viewing sunrise and sunset, travelling around the world together. My favourite things include travelling, reading, go to cinema, and enjoy playing badminton and tennis in the spare time.


Posted: 02 Jan 2006
Accessed: 06 Sep 7


1.70 m

70 kg

Western Cape, South Africa


Im kind, loving and open hearted with good sense of humour. I like to help others wherever I can.


Posted: 15 Aug 2005
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 20 Aug 7


1.79 m

73 kg

Munich, Germany


Hi From Germany. I am a 32 years old german man which is looking after same nice pen friend girls from Asia. I live in Munich and I love the Asian culture and I am very interested to learn new thinks. I hope you write back to holzminden gmx de and more in my next mail ans please send your mail to me. Many greetings Lin


Posted: 30 Jun 7
Accessed: 05 Jul 7


1.78 m

87 kg

Devon, UK


I am a gorgeous guy honest, decent & intelligent. I would love to meet and have serious relationship with a life long partner.


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