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Posted: 05 May 2004
Modified: 25 Apr 8
Accessed: 31 Oct 1


1.83 m

92 kg

Worcester, UK


Looking for a honest caring lady to meet and develope hopefully into a long term relationship,age is not important as being a genuine honest person who loves to love, my search is for a lady who maybe would like to live here in the UK,or in another country and start a new life,as at the time of writing this i still have a home in spain, but it is for sale,although for the right lady i would relocate to her country if she so wanted. Take this chance in life now as life is to short, there is nothing to loose and everything to gain, Phil



Posted: 16 Jun 7
Modified: 17 Jun 7
Accessed: 29 Feb 8


1.68 m

58 kg

Baltimore, Maryland, USA


I'm attractive, caring, shy, honest, and down to earth. I live in baltimore county maryland United State but am a native of China, and i like to read, sew, go to the beach, shop, and travel. Best wishes Kelly


Posted: 03 Jan 2005
Modified: 30 Mar 2006
Accessed: 30 Aug 9


1.84 m

105 kg

Missouri, USA


Decent lawyer in the US seeking faithful Chinese wife who will live a wonderful life with me. I am owner of a trading company in China and I am in China at least 3 months each year. I hope you will give me a chance to find you, wherever you are in China.


Posted: 08 May 2006
Modified: 10 Jun 2006
Accessed: 12 00 1


1.79 m

75 kg

Newcastle, UK


I am Del, an English guy from the UK, 39 years old, slim with blue eyes. I am interested in different cultures, learning different languages and travel. I enjoy sports, cinema and eating out. Hope to meet you soon.



Posted: 09 Mar 2006
Modified: 11 Nov 7
Accessed: 30 Dec 9


1.75 m

73 kg

London, UK


I have been living in London for over ten years. I completed my MA degree in International Human Resource Management. I am 175cm high and handsome. i am working as a manager in a private company. I would like to find a 25-29 years old, good looking, 1. 65cm or more, and with a good education background.


Posted: 12 Feb 2005
Modified: 28 Nov 2006
Accessed: 14 Feb 8


1.82 m

87 kg

Stockholm, Sweden


Hi, I'm Tom, Scandinavian, working professionally with music, mostly non commercial stuff. I'm creative, honest, fun, decent, down to earth, kind, reliable sincere and young at heart and body. Besides music I also like film and travelling and I am also into aikido and yoga. I have long blonde and pretty hair. I am a non smoker and am in pretty good shape. I love kids and like to spend time with my own. Looking for a nice non smoking girl /woman preferrably with an interest in music and culture. I have a passion for very long hair and would love to meet a woman with knee length hair or longer. Can't think of anything more beautiful. Yes yes I know I am picky ;-), Lol


Modified: 23 Dec 2006
Accessed: 11 Aug 8


1.70 m

75 kg

Northwest, UK


Fun Loving Professional Dude Lookin for a Chinese gal!! I am a 37 y.o guy looking to meet/ write to a chinese girls from the UK or overseas. I live in the NW of England surrounded by lovely countryside. I want to have some fun, romantic adventures, and lazing & clowning around with a prety chinese chick to make things a bit more bearable here. My interests include my studies, I am training to be a complementary health therapist. I am also a biology lecturer. I really enjoy the simple things in life: food, conversation, exercise, and when I go out I prefer to do something useful, like restaurants, a cultural event like the theatre or music, rather than just getting drunk for the hell of it every time. Oh yeah, I am a nature freak as well, and I love the sea, and getting to far away outdoors places. OK, thats all, and if reading this is all you do, then thank you, and I hope you find the person of your dreams, and maybe your fantasies.


Posted: 09 Feb 2004
Modified: 15 Nov 2006
Accessed: 01 Aug 8


1.83 m

75 kg

Dallas, TX, USA


I have just returned to America after living in China for the past five years. I was a teacher, a writer, an illustrator, a public lecturer and an editor for an American business magazine. I will stay in the USA for perhaps 3--4 months, then I will return to Asia, maybe Vietnam, South Korea or Cambodia. I am looking for that special someone who can travel and enjoy life with me. You should be somewhat active (no stay at home housewife everyday, please!) and be willing to experience new things and ways of living. Contact me if that sounds like you! Sincerely, Michael


Posted: 02 Jan 2005
Modified: 29 Oct 7
Accessed: 07 Feb 8


1.72 m

84 kg

Houston, Texas, USA


Actually I get back on here today (october 28 2007) and rewrite ALL. Why?.... because I think is just best to be total honest and sincere which few people have ability to do our will be so open. To be total honest.... I wish to find woman of Asian descent and prefer Chinese Traditional since I can speak some Mandarin. I am a man of much determination, talent, skill, education and abilities but also after serious accident about 20 year ago and much work and also surgery I finally retire. I also realize almost ALL ASIAN WOMEN then worry " Oh!...he no have money then!"...hahaha....This is not the case or problem. If it was I would not be able to live alone and pay for 4 bedroom home and 5 acres of land too. :D. hehehe. This is not to say I have much money but I plan and invest wise over years because I know this problem would not go away. Please do not judge me though or think that I am man that is limited or unable to be husband OK??? You would do both you and me a great dishonor and also unhappiness. I am a person who SAYS what he means and means what he say! If I say it then it is the truth . If anything I will make less of myself so as not to raise persons hopes. I think is better to have person surprize than to have them let down. I am now 46 but anyone who knows me will tell you i look much younger. Most people who do not know me ask if I am my oldest son's brother (he is 27 now and also give me new grandson! Yayyy! heheheheh! wo hun gaoxing! :D). Now I describe what I look for in detail. I look for woman who is sharp of mind and also attractive. BUT not so attractive that she will say in her mind that she can do much better when she get here and get her green card after being here 5 years-----I dont need to explain this because you and "I" both know what this means already. If not then it is not a thing to discuss then. hahah! I also look for woman who can approach life as to approach TEA!/Cha! (and yes I have many type of China Tea and abroad and drink every day :) ). When saying this what is to say ....Look and feel, expierience ALL life has to offer as it is cup of tea! Not just another day or not just another kiss or hug or goodbye. Each and every breath, every breeze in wind is to be pleasured and treasure for all time. ALL is to learn and grow from. and NOTHING is more to learn and grow from than Marriage and relationship of Husband and Wife!!! Nothing is perfect or like what you see in movies.........but also life and love is what you make of it! Is this not true??? Even when you drink a special brand of tea...when you were child would you appreciate it's suddle flavor?? its color? its smell??   I wish to have wife to sit with me at pond by the willow tree and feel the wind and watch the fish and drink tea while we conversate. I wish to do same even when old and that flame in heart burns as hot even in last day of life as first time to meet. I realize that all this sounds maybe too dramatic or richly in color but at some point even man can express his true feelings in order for hope of finding his true love. I have already once before tried to bring woman from China here before and it was awful thing. She wanted money more than me and also American citizenship...... But even this will not stop me from me true calling and hearts desires. If you can see or feel, hear the same then consider my words with care and contact me if you feel with serious and truth. :) Bless each one and my every path lead to true happiness and enlightenment. Troy :)


Modified: 24 Feb 7
Accessed: 22 Aug 7


1.73 m

73 kg

Beijing, China


If you are tired of looking for a tall, handsome, young, rich man and find there are 200 girls also knocking on his door, then I am the one you are looking for.. I like movies, foot massage, music, travel, sports and romantic night at a fancy restaurant. I work in Beijing last 4 years. I am seriously looking for a serious minded girl with sense of humor. Send me a line.. Mike


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