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Posted: 30 Dec 2003
Modified: 13 Jun 2006


1.80 m

notts, UK


music loving, slim, attractive, 31yr old, guitar playing, honest and kinda loving guy in the UK wishes to find someone, perhaps with similar interests, or perhaps with a whole load of different ones to interest ME with. Now I have recently been learning mandarin, but go easy with me,....I am just a beginner, so perhaps my ideal lady could help me with that too.... more thing....Hope you all have a cool new year x


Posted: 20 Apr 9
Modified: 21 Apr 9


1.75 m

75 kg

Sulaimaniya, Iraq


Life is beautifule & every day is a new day


Posted: 07 Oct 2006
Accessed: 08 Oct 2006


1.68 m

64 kg



I am a happy person, positive and optimist


Posted: 04 Nov 2004
Modified: 20 May 7
Accessed: 06 Apr 8


1.83 m

89 kg

HCM (Saigon), Vietnam


Hello! Here is a 183cm. tall, single American man, sincere, loving and handsome. I have a sense of humor and am well-educated. I am outgoing, speak honestly and love Vietnam. In my work as a designer and educator, I traveled to many countries and today live and work in Saigon. I am looking for a woman with traditional and faithful values to share my life with. If we marry, I will take care of you 100% and never divorce. If you want to have the joy and benefits of a lasting relationship, I want to hear from you. Please send me your picture and tell me all about yourself.





1.83 m

91 kg



I am a white male, in good health, gainfully employed, no debts, live comfortably, love sports, theatre, travel, golf, enjoy an active life style, have many friends & social activities. I seek a Chinese lady, pretty, sensual, with emphasis on social graces, entertaining and english speaking.



Posted: 03 Feb 2004


1.73 m

73 kg

London, UK


I'm a simple Latin guy,average-looking,no complication's,no hang-up's and no ex's hastling me over petty nonsense!. I'm pretty much after someone like myself,enjoy's great night's out,quiet night's in,spending time in the kitchen cooking together and running in the rain.It would be untrue to say I can offer you the world but I can't,I try to make up with love,affection and loyalty. If I sound a little "cheesy" then I guess you're not the lady I'm looking for,but if you'd like to know more then I'd surely enjoy hearing from you. Ps - I'm Serpent.


Posted: 61 00 1
Accessed: 61 00 1


1.79 m

70 kg

London, UK


I believe in love. cause love grows, and has no boundary.


Posted: 24 Jun 2006
Accessed: 11 May 9


1.71 m

72 kg

Northampton, UK


I'm looking for a kind and gentle girl, who likes to have a fun time. I believe in true love and I'm a very romantic person. don't be afraid of emailing me I won't bite unless you want me to??? hehe


Posted: 11 Jul 2005
Modified: 08 Oct 8
Accessed: 11 May 9


1.75 m

75 kg

Amsterdam, Holland


As a painting artist I have worked and lived in many different countries, from the US to SE Asia, yet never visited China. I would like to meet a Chinese lady for friendship, longterm relationship and/or marriage. I always have been interested in Chinese culture, music, cinema and art, not the least Chinese food. I practice Chinese calligraphy and watercolor painting. Being still active in the military service as a volunteer, loving the outdoor life, hiking and exploring nature it keeps someone of my age in good shape. Tofu and Chinese vegetables really do the trick. Write me.


Posted: 08 May 2005
Modified: 25 Nov 2005
Accessed: 15 Jul 7


1.85 m

100 kg

Oklahoma, USA


46 yrs old, divorced, single father of 2 children (boy and girl). Gainfully employed, Mechanical Engineer, enjoy the outdoors and going to the lake. Like the small town lifestyle, laid back and patient.


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