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Posted: 12 Feb 7
Modified: 13 Feb 7
Accessed: 06 Jun 7


1.73 m

73 kg

Oman, Jordan


I am so honest man looking for true lady, by the way i am from Jordan


Posted: 01 Aug 7
Accessed: 29 Aug 7


1.75 m

76 kg

Zhejiang, China


Hi I am a fun loving guy looking for like minded females for dating.


Posted: 27 Jan 7
Accessed: 30 Aug 8


1.83 m

73 kg

Beijing, China


Candian guy looking for Chinese girl for serious relationship. I'm don't like games, just want to meet a kind, intelligent, funny, and happy girl. I'm educated, kind, and like nature, photography, movies, travelling, and hugging.


Posted: 08 Sep 2004
Accessed: 12 Mar 9


1.78 m

79 kg

South, UK


Friendly, sympathetic, intense, imaginative. Serious about work, love travelling, history, sports. Seek pretty oriental female for friendship, maybe something more serious.


Posted: 21 Mar 2006
Modified: 20 Apr 2006
Accessed: 11 Dec 8


1.83 m

72 kg

Lincolnshire, UK


Hi i'm hoping to meet a nice girl on this site, i am single guy six feet tall, dark hair from the UK. I wont go into detail now as i will leave the interesting bits for meeting you and we will see what happens i guess. Please don't be put off because i have no photo here.(i tried but it would not upload),ask me and i will send you a photo.


Posted: 13 Nov 2004
Modified: 16 Nov 2004
Accessed: 11 Dec 8


1.60 m

59 kg

Bangkok, Thailand


I'm an expatriate from India living in Bangkok for the last 6 years. I'm looking for a Chinese girl (Thai nationality) living in Bangkok for marriage and settle down in Thailand. I don't smoke / don't drink and never had any relationship with any girls. Polite / Nice girls with clean habits are welcome to contact me.


Posted: 06 Jan 2005
Modified: 29 Mar 2006
Accessed: 19 Jul 8


1.83 m

132 kg

Suzhou, China


Hi! I am an American man living in Jiangsu Suzhou. I am very kind, gentle, and sincere. I have a good job and am very well educated. I like music, movies, travel, and friends. My story is long and strange- I'll add more later!


Posted: 20 Nov 2005
Modified: 06 Apr 2006
Accessed: 19 Jul 8



68 kg

Guangdong, China


Am a very happy guy and I like to make friends with people. I believe in myself coz I believe that happiness is an inside thing. I wish a lot of things in life but I have come to understand that we don't get all we ever wish for like to be perfect with things I do like to help other and good at listen to others. I like to take chances with myself and I always open my mind to all coz I try to know all things(info IT) to be able to improve on myself believe in getting ahead of myself not others. I am looking for a very nice and lovely chinese lady to be my wife.I have great likeness for the chinese,chinese food is the best in the world and they knows how to take good care of the family because its very important.I know am in the best hands with the right chinese lady. Thats why i want to fullfill my life with the right chinese lady.


Posted: 10 Jun 7
Accessed: 31 Jan 8


1.80 m

74 kg

West midlands, UK


Hello, I am a traditional, hard working and trustworthy English man who is intelligent and loving and funny too, I have lived in north east china and while i was there I taught english and had the best year of my life and made many good friends, I learnt much about chinese culture which is really the main reason that I went there. I can be independant and do most things on my own but it can get tiring and a bit lonely too, so now I would hope that I can meet a nice partner so that we can enjoy each others company for the rest of our days, and thankyou for reading my profile.


Posted: 03 Sep 2004
Modified: 13 Jun 2006
Accessed: 13 00 1


1.72 m

65 kg

West Yorkshire, UK


Hi there, thankyou for replying to my add/profile.'Yes I recently uploaded my photo, but have not upgraded my membership. You see, let me explain. I was allowed access to send messages to Bronze a bronze member,by simply following a simple procedure. However that system has changed. I now have to submit my message into my Profile display window, following this procedure. I intend to upgrade to Silver membership as soon as possible, as I have unlimited access. I can then disclose my e-mail address. I understand whats happened now. As I clicked on the < send standard message>, this sent off my profile instead. It did not allow me to send a reply. I was confused at first ...haha. First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Paul, I am 37 and live in West Yorks...England. Been here all my life. I live with my Mother and elder Brother. I work for an Agency,but I am seeking alternative work now. I used to work in Retail, and then went into Distribution/Warehouse after College/ YTS. I am ideally seeking work in Nursing and cleaning at present. I would love to travel over to China one day...and meet you there too. I think I will have to win the Lottery to accomplish this this year, haha. 'Yes I think me and you have a lot in common'. We certainly share life's simple pleasures, and I take great pride in what you value. You come from a solid Family unit which embraces the same traditions as mine. I am seeking friendship,as I need to ascertain my position in work before I look for a serious relationship. I was wondering if you was considering, coming over to this Country. Are you currently employed or studying ?   I would love to hear from you again. In the meantime, look after yourself and take care. Please feel free to send message. Best regards, Paul.


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