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Posted: 04 Dec 2005
Modified: 09 Dec 2006
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Turku, Finland


Looking wife how are interested living in europe.This my profile has been made so qvicly at here is only something of me.I realy want good and long future with you(may be you). I have one small son 5 years old. And I worked in own company wat is building houses and also i import cars and bikes.Those quality words of me I like others give to me.I like travell in lot of places where is good stay at holidays. More of me If you ask ,Please send yours mail to me because i 磀ount have better (gold membership)yet.


Posted: 10 Mar 2005
Modified: 09 Dec 2006
Accessed: 21 Oct 1


1.83 m

89 kg

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I am 47 year old, kind loving, black male. Professional - selfemployed. Looking for an Asian woman. For long term relation. possible marriage.


Posted: 07 Jun 2006
Modified: 09 Jun 2006
Accessed: 14 Jul 2006


1.80 m

82 kg

Tel Aviv, Israel


WM, intelligent, business minded, loves and familiar with oriental culture, and would like to meet a nice looking and smart oriental lady to spend life together with good harmony, partnership, mutual caring and lots of love. If it is U possibly, write me back. About my likings: lots of sports, dramatic movies, international travel, history, discovering different cultures and new places, good food, plus much much more. Apropo, I am very familiar with Chinese culture for many years now. I travel on business around the world as well as to China occassionally. Bye.


Posted: 13 Mar 7
Accessed: 07 Apr 7


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65 kg

London, UK




Posted: 16 Jan 2005
Modified: 11 Apr 2006
Accessed: 24 Sep 8


1.83 m

96 kg

Minnesota, USA


I am seriously looking for a fit, attractive traditional Chinese lady with good virtue, sense of humor, speak some English who is looking for a non drinker, a non smoker, a non gambler, who has a stable job. I am sincere and romantic seeking a romantic, passionate forever and ever wife. I own my own home have a great job and would visit her in China. Ken


Posted: 11 Apr 2004
Modified: 03 Jun 2006
Accessed: 24 Sep 8


1.81 m

90 kg



a good looking and kind-hearted chinese guy who currently live at Los angeles city and running a small office of immigration office !


Posted: 29 Jun 8
Accessed: 22 Nov 8


1.85 m

106 kg

Shanghai, China


I have just got a job in CHina and would like to meet someone for friendship and possibly romance.


Posted: 19 Oct 2005
Accessed: 22 Oct 1


1.70 m

59 kg

Warwickshire, UK


Good looking professional British Chinese male who has spent the last 11 years or so traveling the world as a result of work. I was a consultant to a UN agency and led one of their global programs before being enticed back to the UK through the offer of a truly satisfying and unusual job. While my work is genuinely fascinating, fulfilling and worthwhile, the years of wandering has not exactly allowed me to settle or develop a very long term serious relationship/marriage. I feel like something is truly missing in my life as a result of this. I do miss curling up in bed with a warm loving soul next to me. Moving to Warwickshire basically disassembled my normal social network and moved me back to square one, in terms of friendships, love and companionship. I am now in a permanent Warwickshire based job and will not be moving for a long while, I hope! I am very spiritual, and I strongly believe in the ethos of service, simply because we discover beauty in looking after and caring for others and their communities. Communication is absolutely key for me. I value, in particular, cross cultural relationships and loves, as my years of communicating with different cultures and people has taught me the importance of building bridges to different cultures and worlds. I do wish to be with someone who is intellectual but yet sunny, who is very down to earth, but is yet able to see the big global picture, while still appreciating the very very simple things of life, like a beautiful sunny day; or a nice quiet meal in a country pub, in front of a roaring fire on a cold crisp winter's day that rings with the crystal clarity of a chiming bell. Anyway, write if you want to know more! I am happy to send a picture.


Posted: 15 Mar 8
Accessed: 22 Mar 8


1.83 m

136 kg

Uk, UK


Hi. my name is andy im single and im 41 years old. i have two children a boy who is 12 years old called toby and a girl who is 6 years old. i live in the uk all my life. i like doing walks in the the countryside, eating out or in. i like chinnese food and the way the women dresses in your country in these nice silk dresses for give me but i dont no wot you called. And the way you talk. i wish i cud talk chinnese like you do over there. im looking for a young lady who will look afther me. loving, caring, truly trusted, onissed, devotted to me. cos i have been hurt to many times in my live. young ladys you will get a lot back from me in the time you know me. see you soon andy x


Posted: 18 Nov 2004
Accessed: 22 Mar 7


1.74 m

72 kg

Belfast, Ireland


Hi. I am a lovely kind Irish man who loves the Chinese people.A long time ago I had a relationship with a Chinese girl and sadly she had to return to China. I have vowed ever since to marry a Chinese girl as they are the most kind,honest and sincere girls that a man would wish for. I love to have fun and want to show friendship and love to any Chinese girl that is interested in a western man. I am well educated and am an engineer in computer systems for IBM and am very secure and a house owner. Even just to have friends from China would be OK and maybe a relationship might grow. It would be nice even if I could get a few Emails to build a friendship with any Chinese girls who are reading this.


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