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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can join Dating China?
Those who are at least 18 years old, not attached and seeking a serious man-woman relationship.

How do I become a member?
You need to register by filling a simple Registration Form.

How long does it take for you to approve my application?
Within 24 hours. Once approved, you will receive an email from us, with your login details.

Is Dating China free?
We offer two types of services, i.e. Bronze and Silver. Bronze service is free but Silver service is chargeable with a small fee.

What are included in the free, Bronze service?
Free, Bronze service includes
1) Registration
2) Photo uploading
3) Profile modification
4) Standard message delivery
5) ID and/or password reminding
6) Email support
7) Telephone support

What is the major difference between a Starndard membership and a Silver membership?
Apart from enjoying all the benefits of a Bronze member, a Silver member will be able to send personal, editable messages to other members of opposite sex. Contact details such as email address, a telephone number, etc. can be included in the messages sent.

How much does a Silver Membership cost?
The costs of a Silver Memership are listed below.
1 month: GBP5 (about USD9 or RMB70)
3 months: GBP12 (about USD21.6 or RMB168), 20% saving
6 months: GBP20 (about USD36 or RMB280), 33% saving
12 months: GBP30 (about USD54 or RMB420), 50% saving

How do you accept payment for a Silver Membership?
Payment can be made by credit or debit card, bank transfer and PayPal. Acceptable currencies are British Pounds, US Dollars and Chinese RMB.

I am in China and do not have a foreign currency account. How do I make a payment?
You can make a payment by paying directly into our account in China using Chinese RMB.

How do I upgrade to Silver Membership?
Please click this link: Upgrade Membership.

Where can I find member profiels?
Men's profiles are listed under Men Seeking Women.
Women's profiles are listed under Women Seeking Men.

How do you rank members' profiles?
Roughly we divide profiles into two groups, i.e. profiles with a photo and profiles without a photo. Profiles with a photo will get preferential listing. Within each group, Silver members will be listed first and remainin profiles are listed randomly.

How frequently do you update member profile listings?
We update member profile listings at least once a day.

Can I modify my profile?
Yes. Please click this link: Modify Profile.

After I have modified my profile, I could not find it by search. Why?
A modified profile will be treated as a new registration. It becomes available again when the modification has been approved.

How do I contact a member?
Contacting a member is done by clicking the "Respond" button at the bottom of each member's profile. Alternatively, you may click the link here: Login to contact a member.

I want to make sure that your system is sending my messages. What can I do?
Send a message to yourself using our system.

I am a member. Can I send messages to another member of same gender (sex)?
No. Dating China is for those who are seeking a man-woman relationship.

Do I have to login to receive member messages?
No. Messages sent to you by other members will be directed to your email address instantly.

What happens if my inbox is full?
Messsages sent to you will be returned to Dating China. As a result, you will not receive them. In addition, your account will be suspended after we have received a total of 3 or more returned messages.

I tried to login, but your system told me something like "member does not exist". Why?
Possible reasons:
1) You entered a wrong ID.
2) Your account has been suspended.

If I lose my ID or password, can I get it back?
Yes. Please click this link: Get back lost password and/or ID.

I tried to upload my photo but failed. Why?
Possible reasons:
1) Your photo is too large. Reduce its size to fit a quarter of your PC's screen.
2) Your photo is of a wrong file format. We accept jeg, jpeg, png, gif and bmp files.

Is there any restriction on a photo?
Yes. Following types of photos will be rejected:
1) Member not present
2) Not up to date
3) Nude or pornographic
4) Copyrighted material
5) Size too small to view
6) Quality too poor to view
7) Misleading or confusing, e.g. more than one person in a photo

What language do I use to contact Dating China?
English or Chinese.

How do I contact you?
Please click this link: Contact Dating China

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