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What is it for?
The purpose of our reward scheme is to say Thank You by giving back to you some of our profits.

How does it work?
Each time you buy a phone card from us, you collect reward points. You will collect:

  1 point for a £5 phone card
  4 points for a £10 phone card
  10 points for a £20 phone card

When will I get my reward?
When you have collected 70 reward points and want to have a reward PIN, you must email us to claim the reward. We will then send you a £2 (or 2 £1) reward phone card (PIN) by email.

What brand of phone card (PIN) will I get?
You will get either a Bubble or King Card PIN thanks to the sponsors of the reward scheme. If you require a PIN of a different brand or a denomination higher than £2, you will have to collect more points. Please email us to enquire.

How do I know how many points I have collected?
Your current balance will be emailed to you each time you receive a phone card (PIN). In addition, you can access your point balance by entering your email address in the text box above.

How do I join the reward scheme?
You will automatically qualify for our reward scheme when you start buying from us.

If I change my email address, will I lose my reward points?
Your reward points are related to your email address. If you change it, you must notify us otherwise you risk losing all your points.

We reserve our right to modify the reward scheme should situation change.
The scheme does not apply to wholesale purchases.

Last updated on 1 September 2010.

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