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   New Swifty World



Good minutes

For lond talks

0800 or 0207 or 0845 access

No connection charge

Completion charge: from 4p/call

Service charge: 2p/day
Collect reward points (Pts).

Card expires 30 days after 1st use.

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New Swifty World - How to use the phone card

1. Dial one of following numbers:
0800 769 0190
0207 507 0866
0845 033 0190

2. Listen to the welcom message

3. Enter PIN number

4. Enter the destination number including full code
(e.g. to call a number in Beijing, dial 00 86 10 62807118)

To make a follow-on call without hanging up, press *# and wait for prompt

Card expires 30 days from first use (including balance checking).
No connection charge
Service charge: 2p/day
Call completion charge: 4p for 1st call and upto 20p for subsequent calls
Customer services number: 0845 033 8860
Card and services provided by Swiftcall Long Distance Ltd

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